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Buck Problems.

Old 11-01-2005, 12:06 PM
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Default Buck Problems.

I got a new piece of land this year to hunt. The land is only 18ac., but it is surrounded by a 1,000ac farm that only two guys hunt. It is in an area that has a large deerpopulation and also borders NC, which their season comes in like a month after hours. It borders Anson County, which is known for big bucks.

The land is about 10ac of nothing but thick briars and smaller pines. It is just one huge bedding area. It has a creek that runs down one of the property lines with hard woods. It has about 2ac of nothing but white oaks.

I have hunted it all year and seen plenty of deer, but all have been does. It is full of 7in+ round trees that have been torn to pieces in the past by a nice buck. There are new rubs all on it this year, including some on these big trees. I have pics of a really nice 8pt on it, but other than him, all of my pics are of does and button bucks.

I have a stand in the white oaks. They are full of rubs and scrapes. I also have a stand on the "bottom side" where the creek is, which also has some "water oaks" that are dropping acrons.

I have seen about the same number of deer at both places. I know that a good number of does are actually living on this land and not just passing through. I have just as many pics taken during the day as I do at night, so they move good during the day, mostly around 9:00am, before time changed.

But, no matter where I hunt, the bucks aren't showing them selves. I have tried rattling, grunting, using scent. I just don't know what else I can do. They are coming into my corn and eating the plot I have planted. The bucks must be passing through rather than living on it. So, what do ya'll think I could do to help my odds?
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Old 11-01-2005, 12:50 PM
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Default RE: Buck Problems.

Be patient, we are just getting into prime time...stick with the does, do your best not to spook them, he will show up with the does between now and the 2nd week of December...

PS..Look at your pics you have...do any of those does have black hocks???
When they do...they are "in"...and he will find them...
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Default RE: Buck Problems.

Nchawkeye is right on. You want to be there when he comes calling, but you don't want to let those does know you're around. It's a fine line. Try to locate a stand where you can get in and out unnoticed and where a deer is unlikely to cross your trail for 24 hours after you leave, that also allows you to see the deer using the property.If this can't be done, your best chance to take that buck will be the first time you hunt that stand. Be very selective. You can be sloppy and kill an 18 month old. Occasionally get noticed and still kill a 2 1/2. To kill a 3 1/2 or older, you better make no mistakes orget just plain lucky.
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Default RE: Buck Problems.

Sounds really good. Hang in there, im sure the big ones are around. Good things come to those who wait.
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Default RE: Buck Problems.

I've been hunting a peice of property for about four years. Prime habitat for the deer. when sitting in my stand durring the gun season, I mainly see does and younger bucks, no wall hangers. But they are there, squirrell hunting a few weeks ago I saw plenty of big buck signs around. Every year I see the exact same buck walk underneath my stand and I've watched him grow, This year I hope he will be really nice!
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Default RE: Buck Problems.

ok, so I can't spell.
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