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Using the Calls?

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Default Using the Calls?

I've got a few things I was wondering about. It mostly pertains to deer calls like the Doe Bleat call. When should you use these calls? When I first get out to my deer blind, I wait at least an hour before I even think about using my call. Should you use it when there doesn't seem to be any deer moving your way. Are should you use it when you see one in the area moving away to try and lure em back your way. Funny thing last season with the bleat call, It was just a few before completely dark. I had started walking up the hill behind the blind next to this fence line. I would walk a little ways, kneel and do the bleat call. Wait... Then continue walking up, kneel. Hit the call again. Around the third time, I waited. Then looked over and there was the outline of a monster buck. It had to be huge. At first I was like is my mind playing tricks on me, then I was like ****, I tried to swing my rilfe around, but he jumped as soon as the safety was pushed. The thing is, I was wearing Doe in heat gel, and I was calling the Bleat call. I could see this thing trying to rape me in my head considering he was only 10 feet from me. Anyway, I was just wanting to know some information on useing calls, I was thinking about buying that Primos Bleat call in a can thing, where you just flip it. Any suggestions on that?
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Default RE: Using the Calls?

First,I never put any type of doe in heat scent on me.(Watch the videos of bucks attaching hunters).I never call on my way to my stand only after I have been there awhile.

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Default RE: Using the Calls?

Jake, Fldeerman is right on the money. Don't and I mean don't put any scent on yourself. I have done a drag rag before but i used a long tail like 8 feet to ensure it wasn't on me or my boots. BTW, if you use a drag rag idea with doe or buck scent...go intentional well past your stand location and circle back (the up wind side of your stand-meaning your scent is blowing away from the rag to your stand) and then I usually drop the rag out in front...this will keep the deer out in front where you want them to be.

As to calling, I generally wait till I am in position, check the wind for the best place and give the woods time to settle before I call or rattle. I have on occasion grunted when I was moving in loud ground cover. I basically still hunt my way to stand and stop/pause with the odd grunt to cover my approach. I would never do this in the dark, but rather daylight so you can see an animal. I use calls especially when I visually see deer, but never when I see a deer i don't want to shoot! I blind call when I rattle! I blind call as well when I hear but don't see the deer and only when they are upwind. Which leads me to another point, deer will often circle the ranch sort to speak when calling or rattling, so make sure you have a shooting lane downwind and watch that way as well. I can't tell you how many times they have just shown up behind me. (you experienced this as well) Transition area calling can be a double edge sword, so it is very important to know exactly how the trails veer and tail off. Don't assume the X in the middle means they go straight north or what have you, IME they often wind, meander in many directions with loads of side links, to take advantage of different wind directions or even prodominant wind factors to that area. So this is where pre-season scouting is gold.

Wlecome Jake, I think you'll find it a great palce to get tips and share experiences. GOOD LUCK
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Default RE: Using the Calls?

I managed to stop a running doe, last year, with an 'estrous bleat' call, which is also a 'fawn bleat' call. She stopped as if she'd hit a brick wall, and she came within 12 yards of me, before she saw me move.

I think that if it was a buck, because of the 'estrous bleat' call, he'd a come runnin', too . . .

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