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Need Help: I've been snookered

Old 10-06-2002, 03:16 PM
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Default Need Help: I've been snookered

I've been working all year setting up my property for this fall's deer hunt. I've got the stand in place within bow range of the main deer runway. I've planted my food plot on one side and looked after the apple trees on the other. I've put out minerals to keep the deer content. I've avoided the area as much as possible so the deer don't have any pressure.

When hunting season opened I still found deer sign but the deer have gone nocturnal. Now I know why; Just before sunset yesterday I drove down an old road next to my property and ran into a goose hunter and his son standing next to my property line. This is about 100 yds on the other side of a hill from my stand. Upon talking to him I found out he was pass shooting geese. The problem is that there are hydro lines over head and a swamp/river on the other side of the road. The only way he's pass shooting is if he shoots the geese over my field. I assume his son then runs out to get them. He said that the game warden had talked to him a week ago and there was no problem. He's not standing on private property.

I don't like fighting with legal hunters but I heard shots from that area an hour and a half after sunset on Tuesday. I also heard him calling and a few questionable shots last night after I left. I'm not at the property more than a few days a week so people have free rein. I also figure that my bowhunting stand is now totally useless.

I'm don't want to sit there watching him and the area is secluded enough that he can fire a shot and his son retrieve a goose to him before I can ever get back there.

Any suggestions?

Dan O.

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Default RE: Need Help: I've been snookered

If his son is crossing onto your property to retrieve the birds he is trespassing.If the warden was aware of the situation he would probably handle it for you.
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Old 10-06-2002, 04:04 PM
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Default RE: Need Help: I've been snookered

If I could locate the game warden I would find out what HE said. Then I would ask him to check out the late PM shooting that is going on.

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Default RE: Need Help: I've been snookered

In order to catch the son (8-10 years old) on the property I'd have to set up a lawn chair. I've left a voice mail message on the game warden's answering machine and I'll just have to wait and see what happens. The worst part is that I was just thinking about this hunter shooting away from my property. He'd have to miss more hydro lines and he'd be shooting on about a 45 degree angle towards the new highway (3-400 yards away). The geese also fly from my property at night when they're going to their nesting area.

The more I think about it I was stupid last night. I just didn't find him breaking any rules and I don't like bothering hunters.

Dan O.

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Default [Deleted]

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