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Need some advice

Old 10-17-2005, 07:01 AM
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Default Need some advice

This will be a long post, but I would like others objective opinion. I have been hunting a farm for 10 years. It is an elderly friend of the family. Located in Todd County, KY it is approx 1,000 acres with 800 acres in productive crops, 120 acres of grass fields that typically hold runoff and maybe 80 acres of small wood lots. There is a 400-acre area that receives no hunting pressure. It holds deer, but we have never hunted it. We have taken some true trophies off the farm over the years. Until this time last year, three of us had permission to hunt it and we always had a spot or two for a fourth guest. Our stands have been in place for years and we all have a sense of ownership. Well, a friend of the granddaughter has now obtained permission to hunt. With the additional person, we have asked everyone to stay in a zone on the farm. I asked that he limit his hunting to a 200-acre field that I had hunted and offered the 400-acre area. The remaining area had more woods, but would be shared with the remaining three hunters. We would hunt our area and he could hunt his. We would not crowd him and would appreciate the same. He is a new hunter and likes to stalk deer with a bow from up wind, cannot sit still, etc.

Saturday morning, our newbie decided to bring two guests. I had given him permission to hunt my one of my stands stand last week, because I was out of town. At 8:00 his buddy come walking through the woods with no hunter orange, unfamiliar with the property lines and well out of the are we had designated. I could not be there, so most of this was taking place via cell phone, but two of the guests were from out of state, younger than the date required for an orange card and I do not believe one had his orange card or a license. Words were exchanged and it got pretty ugly. I informed him that we had zones for safety purposes that his actions were wrong and showed a general disregard for others. He informed me that these guys were all “friends” of the family and completely legal. That he should have the same access to our stands and the areas we are hunting that we do. He does not know where all of our stands are. I basically told him that we have been pretty accommodating thus far, helping hang stands, moving off a portion of the farm so he has it to himself and if we really wants to go there, I will jerk my stands and let the land owner know that due to actions of this individual and his friends, I do not believe it is a safe place to hunt. I have a very good relationship with this person and she has made it clear that I should treat the farm as if it were my own and as if I was her grandchild. The safety issue is a huge concern as her son was shot and killed in a hunting accident many years ago.

Do I pull my stands and ruin it for everyone. I have the support of the other hunters? Do I call the CO and ask him to stop by and check the guys next weekend. I am not willing to let someone come in and take my stand. As a newbie and guest, like myself, his sense of entitlement is not what it should be. Maybe that comes with time. He seems to have more entitlement than appreciation for the farm and our sacrifices. I have told him all our stands are now off limits. I am thinking about telling him he can hang a stand anywhere, so long as it is not within 150 yards of an existing stand. The wood lots are so small, this would be impossible. I have also thought about placing a policy that no walking through the wood lots after youth weekend and though gun season. The woods are too small that the deer are being pressured. I have also thought about declaring a few stands “Gun Stands” and no one can hang a stand within direct line of fire from this stand. I hate all this crap.

A final note. I work my tale off all week for the few times I can go to the woods. Dealing with this type BS makes me want to give up hunting. I cannot enjoy it when I have to worry about some idiot walking under my stand.

I’d be interested in anything you have to add?

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Default RE: Need some advice

If you have a good relationship with the landowner, I would go to her and have a thorough conversation with her explaining the situation. I think that it will be quickly resolved with the "problem hunters" being forced off the property. If she told you to hunt the property as if it was yours maybe she will put it in writing. Offer to lease the property if necessary including the offer to include hunters insurance with your party as the only hunters covered. Then you can have the CO remove them as tresspassers. Don't give up your hard earned place to hunt because of the action of a couple of punks.
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Default RE: Need some advice

I agree with timbercruiser. If ur relationship with the owner is that good and safety is that important than I think u could easily show her that the newbie is irresponsible and will get someone hurt. Hopefully this is resolved soon so u can get back to hunting.
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Default RE: Need some advice

Defianetly don't wait to talk with the land owner. Safety, should alway's be number one! Unfortunately there are alway's a few who have never learned this lesson. Unfortunately, the land owner know's this all to well, with the loss of her own son. You need to talk to her immediately, after all your own life is at stake here.

Secondly, this type of thing is so typical (annoying isn't it). The earlier posting of possibly leasing the land outright would be your best beat. (Still not a gurantee, on opening day this year, I had a trespasser come in and take a 6 point off the land some buddies and I lease. Didn't even have a tag to place on the deer. Go figure!) The hunter's insurance is a great idea as well. Some people are just plain and simple not ethical. It sound's as if unfortunately this younster never had any values, and respect of other hunter's instilled in him. Good luck, you have a situation here that could eventually upset the land owner enough, to where no hunting would be allowed if it get's any uglier.
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Default RE: Need some advice

Almost forgot.. Call the Conservation Officer as well. It is absolutely a ridicolous that we abide by all game law's. Purchase our liscense etc., with our hard earned money. Then to have violator's and other's try to cheat the system by not doing the same. I have hunted for many year's in a couple of different state's and believe that any state's conservation department has the best interest of maintaining the conservation of the game we hunt. Help them get rid of the black eye of the hunter (violator's) by bringing the attention of your matter to them.
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Default RE: Need some advice

It's definately time for a serious chat w/ the landowner. But remember, it is his land and his family. I don't think you have holiday dinners w/ him so tread lightly.

I myself would pleasantly address the safety issues as the main topic and at all times be respectful (don't insult his family member who has appeared). Maybe subtle reminders of how you have and will continue to help out and do your part for the maint. of his property.

You might want to try the approach of getting this guy more involved in the activities on the land so he feels more a part of it - it may lead to him understanding your position a little better. Maybe not.

But just be ready for anything in your situation. I hate to say it - but it could be you who gets walking papers. Older folks pretty much keep family first ya know.

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Default RE: Need some advice

i would get everyone who hunts there togather with you and the land owner and take it out maybe soemone needs to look for a new place to hunt i have some land in burkesville ky and have yhada similer proplem and just do not let people on my land unless they know the rules are safe and respect other huntings
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Default RE: Need some advice

u aint gona see no deer wid his smell all over! if he's the type ofhunter who just runs around after deer.

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Default RE: Need some advice

I would probably call a CO. Let him deal with it if you don't have time
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Default RE: Need some advice

Talk to the landowner she said to treat it as your own and like a grandkid of her. So do what a grandkid would do and talk to her about it. AND SMACK YOURSELF FOR THINKING OF GIVING UP HUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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