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How Many?

Old 10-09-2005, 12:14 PM
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Default How Many?

How many of you on your local forums, or this forum, have had a post similar to one I'm going to paste from another board in a state where dog hunting is legal?

"I've got a place we still hunt in Wisacky,SC. It's pretty good every year until about late Oct when the necks start dog drivin next door. The hunters don't come on our property but the d**n dogs sure do. I called DNR-no help, they just told me I couldn't blast the dogs. Talking to the dog hunters gets me nowhere. I feel like I'm helpless. It's my property but I denied the right to peacefully still hunt by others.

Does anybody have any ideas????????????????"

This is not my post in quotation marks I am trying to determine is this a local problem or a national problem.

Oh by the way nice to be on here!
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Old 10-09-2005, 12:19 PM
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Default RE: How Many?

[quote]ORIGINAL: briarhead

"I've got a place we still hunt in Wisacky,SC. It's pretty good every year until about late Oct when the necks start dog drivin next door.

We feel the same way about the Yanks.
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Old 10-09-2005, 12:26 PM
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Default RE: How Many?

We have dogs running properties and sometimes even game here ,and it's a real problem sometimes. It's not illegal to shoot dogs here if they're damaging your property , injuring/killing livestock , or menacing/attacking people . It's not legal to "hunt" a dog in any state that I can think of unless you count coyotes .

Short of fencing the place off the poster may not have much recoursesince he's already been told not to shoot them . At best he'll have to file more complaints until he has enough baggage to take the yokels to court . At worst he may have to fall back on the 3 S rule . Tough choice either way .
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Old 10-09-2005, 12:35 PM
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Default RE: How Many?

Thank you rebel!
southern born, southern bred, and when I die, I'll be southern dead!
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Default RE: How Many?

If you really don't like the dogs and you want their owner to keep a better eye on them and you don't want to kill them, you should just put some live catch traps out for them, and then split the paws on their feet so they can't run, and drop them off at the pound. When it costs him money to bail them out and costs him money to get them healed up he will be more watchful. Also, if they look like real good dogs, cut the balls off of every one of them. He will probably be looking to get rid of them then and you will be in the clear!
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Default RE: How Many?

You got me all wrong here bud.
If you read my first post, I am not the one who is complaining about dogs.
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Default RE: How Many?

It seems strange to me that when a man goes on someone else's land to hunt it's called tresspassing. But if that same man lets his dogs go on other people's land to hunt FOR him, it's called "tradition". This is nonsence! A landowner or leaseholder doesn't have to justify why he doesn't want people (or dogs) on his land. Do you dog hunters really believe that we shouldn't be upset when a pack of deer hounds comes running through OUR property just because it's YOUR tradition? You should keep YOUR tradition on YOUR property. It seems outrageous to me that anybody would think that a property owner or leaseholder should quietly tolerate intrusion and trespass so that another group (in this case dog hunters) can entertain itself. Then you have the nerve to say it's OUR fault because we won't let you come on OUR property in your 4-wheelers and pickups to retrieve YOUR dogs that shouldn't have been on OUR property in the first place!
hey briar, your confusin some of us country bumpkins, isin you wid us, orisn you ginst us, you need to state your position, one place it looks like you hate dog huntin in another you say your all for it,,,,, whats your position, mine, i will not run it down, it is however not my cup of tea, i prefer to scout, set up, and have a more natural experinece, but houndsman do not bother me, if they do we have a little talk like grown men, then i cut the the tires on there truck[:-], naw just kiddin about that last part
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Default RE: How Many?

I am from Pa,Hunted down south already where people ran dogs.can cause some problems,but also chased me deer om the property i was hunting. Not the dogs fault it is the owners ,slap them
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Default RE: How Many?

Touchy subject. I hate it.
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Default RE: How Many?

Go to the other topic I posted it might just clear up my position a little.
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