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Does anyone own a plotmaster?

Old 10-09-2005, 03:40 PM
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Default RE: Does anyone own a plotmaster?

Well I guess it's about time I chime in on this subject. I have had the plotmaster for 3 seasons now. Although it states that you can do it all in one shot, you can't. If the ground has been untouched for over three years as in my situation, you have a job ahead of you. If you can get heavy farm equipment for the start you will be ahead by two weeks.

I have found that you can't use the plot master on hard dried ground/clay. If you do ittwo days after a moderate rain the disk and plow work just fine. If it is too wet, all you will wind up doing is cutting large chunks of mud and adding to more work later.

After the first year, it justs gets easier. All I have to do is brush hog. After the brush hog, just hook up the plotmaster disk and plow at the same time and the following week just lightly disk, plow seed and drag.

The largest plot I use if for is 2ac the smallest are 1/4ac. I paid $2400 for it 3 years ago and still going strong.

Pheasant Hollow Farm
thanks steve/x that is basicaly what i wanted to say but words didn't come to me, your experience with it is just about like any other farming practice new ground is a pain with anything, old plots are easy, new unworked ground is gonna be difficult, the good news it gets easier ever season
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Default RE: Does anyone own a plotmaster?

I know a guy who had one. It basically ruined his transmission on his atv . He had a big bear 400. If you get on you need a really large 4 wheeler to pull it.
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Default RE: Does anyone own a plotmaster?

You see, the biggest problem these people having blowing transmissions on their 4 wheelers is, they try to take too big of a bite the first time around.

You have to start off disking first at a 2" depth and with the plow tines slightly higher and gradually go deeper. You can't expect to go 6" and plow the same depth on land that hasn't been touched in years.

Once the plot has been established, and the following year after brushhoging or mowing, you just disk and plow the stubble under starting again at 2" depth and the plow tines slightly higher andthen go to the depth you desire.Again the best time to do this is 2 days after the moderate rains have stopped.

I use a Polaris 4X4 Ranger. I will use 2 wheel drive on the first pass at 2" and then 4 wheel drive when I go to 4-6" depth. I haven't had any problems with the Ranger andthe Ranger is 4yrs oldand Plotmaster is3 yrs old.

I have farmer's here that will not touch their fields that is harden clay or saturated with water. They will wait for the rains to soften the ground.Then wait 2 days before they begin, and if the ground is still to wet, they will wait a couple of more days, and we are talking about big AG equipment.

Edit to add, You need a minimum of 20HP. Your top speed should be no more then 10MPH, other wise the 4 foot wide Plotmaster will tether from side to side.

Pheasant Hollow Farm

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