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Buckshot load for deer?

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Default Buckshot load for deer?

Every time I've beendeerhunting, I've used one of my uncle's rifles (because he has like a million of them, and I've always gone with him). Problem is, in about a month I'm going to be loving around three hours away from him (I'm originally from upstate NY, he lives in upstate NY, and I live in South Carolina right now, but I'm going to be in...a different part of upstate NY at that time), and I don't have a rifle of my own. But I do have a single shot, break action 3 inch chamber 12 gauge. No rifled barrel or anything, and it doesn't shoot slugs all that accurately. So I was wondering if you guys could give me some input on what buckshot loads you like best, their range, etc.

I've always heard that buckshot is fine for use with whitetails, but I've never actually used it. If it would be better for me just to get a rifle, that's not aproblem, you guys could recommend one if you want or I could buy one, but I'd rather not spend the money. I like to save most of the money I make, but I'll spend it on a rifle gladly if buckshot loads just aren't good for deer. I've been told that buckshot was made for bucks, which is why it's called buckshot, but I'm not going to be entirely comfortable using it on them unless I know it'll work well.

Anyway, I'm babbling, so I'll shut up. Please recommend a good buckshot load for whitetails.
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Default RE: Buckshot load for deer?

I don't think you can use buckshot in New York. I could be wrong, but this is from their website.

Descriptions of Legal Implements for Big Game Hunting

Long (stick), recurve or compound bow with a draw weight in excess of 35 pounds. A legal arrowhead is non-barbed, has 2 or more cutting edges and is at least 7/8 inches wide.

Firearm loaded through the muzzle, a minimum bore of .44 inches and shooting a single projectile. Scopes may now be used during the Special Muzzleloading Season in addition to the Regular Big Game Season and the Early Bear Season. See Muzzleloading section of regulations for special requirements during the muzzleloading season.

any centerfire pistol or revolver. Barrel length maximum is 16 inches

(NOTE: Possession of handguns in New York State requires a NYS Pistol Permit. New York does not recognize permits issued by other states.)

Must be 20 gauge of larger and fire a single projectile, rifling in the barrel or choke is allowed

Rifle* -
any centerfire rifle.

* - It is illegal to hunt with:
[ul][*]a fully automatic firearm;[*]an autoloading firearm that holds more than 6 shells (except an autoloading pistol with a barrel length under 8 inches);[*]any firearm equipped with a silencer. [/ul]
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Default RE: Buckshot load for deer?

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Default RE: Buckshot load for deer?

I believe in the southern zone you must use a shotgun, rifles are a no, no.

Even if your shotgun doesn't shoot perfect groups at long range, it should shoot well enough out to 50-75 yds which is still better than buckshot. Try some differnt brands of rifled slugs. The cheap winchesters shoot well .
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Default RE: Buckshot load for deer?

I havent done much hunting with buckshot but therifled slugs from Remington have worked well for me. They're accurate enough out to 50-60 yards, which is plenty for deer. And I'm guessing they're as cheap as the winchesters. If i could suggest something... buy a box of each and fire away to see what does best in your gun.
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