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Default Problems

Heya folks!!

Hope all is going well for everyone. I am running into a bit of a problem here. I am new to hunting and have a strong desire to learn, the right way. But I really don't have any resources to tap into for help or guidance. I called the local gun club here in my area and the "lady" (lightly used term for her)that answered the phone was rude and very short with me about any questions I had. She said that I would have to join the club in order to be able to allowed there, which limits my options of talking to seasoned hunters. I made some small talk with a local gunsmith and told him of my plight and he said that without anyone to take me and show me the ropes it would be hard, not impossible but hard. I am planning on posting on the regional board for the area I am from and hopefully I will get lucky and find someone willing to take a newbie uder his/her wing. Alot of the stuff I am sure I could learnon my ownbut certain aspects a "teacher" would be beneficial. Especially when it comes to field dressing, certain things to look for i.e. deer rubbings, and marks etc. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!
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Default RE: Problems

Casper...where are you from?
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Default RE: Problems

sorry fogot to put that in I am in cen/nor cal about an hour south of sacramento
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Default RE: Problems

These fellows will be more thank happy to answer your questions and you can possibly hook up with another hunter in your area. Most of these fellows are very seasoned hunters. Ask any questions. None are too silly. We all on here love talking about hunting.
God bless,

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Default RE: Problems

I've seen many times the advice "just go to the local club or shop,
there's always people there who'll be glad to help". Reality can be
much different. Here's what I'd suggest in the way of self help.
Start with the basics. Assuming you have access to hunting ground,
get out there as soon as possible and learn the lay of the land. Ideally
this should be pre-season and give you the opportunity to get some
outdoors time and scouting. Go early and often. Hike slowly and
quietly. Use a map of the area if available and really get comfortable
navigating your area. If it's a large tract, an inexpensive GPS unit is
a good tool. It will mark places you like but more important will mark
your start point and help you get back there. Being lost can ruin your
day to say the least.
My next assumption is that you've taken a hunters safety course. Even
if you're not legally required to, do it. From there practicing with your
weapon is very important. It's not just a cliche to say that it should
become an extension of your arm(s). Shoot as much as you can from
as many reasonable distances and positions as possible. Practice.
Start small. Small game is not only alot of fun (and tasty) but very
good way to build skills. The more time you spend in the woods or
fields after the little critters the better prepared you'll be to go after
bigger game.Squirrels, rabbits,any game birds in season. Justget
out there. Do a search on this site for "squirrelskinning". There's some
good advice.
Deer hunting. There's alot of great and specific advice on this forum
from peoplewithexperience to back it up. Spend some time doing
searches about your concerns. Post any question. The only advice
I'll give is PATIENCE. While you're scouting. While you're walking to
your stand or still hunting. While you're sitting in your stand. While
you're not seeing any deer when you KNOW they're out there. Don't
get in a hurry or let yourself get discouraged. Think of every moment
in the outdoors a blessing. Listen for and love the quiet. When you
least expect it, opportunity for a kill will be there. And you'll have
accomplished it yourself. Some problems are really opportunities.

God Bless and good hunting,
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Default RE: Problems

great post PK/ I am also a new hunter and really appreciate when guys like you take the time to teach us. thanks. and good hunting

greg, ga

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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: Problems

Casper,welcome and no question is a dumb question, just ask!
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Default RE: Problems

I'd just like to ditto the remark about taking a hunter/firearm safety course. I would think that anyone who might be willing to take you out would feel much more comfortable if you'd had that course. After hunting a few times with friends and friends of friends who started hunting as adult and didn't take that course, I wouldn't do it again. There are just too much sloppy gun handling. That's one thing not to compromise on.

So that's one thing you can do to get started and you can do it on your own. Next thing is to practice shooting a lot. Regardless of how you learn to hunt, you have to be a competent shot for when you get that chance.

Then, go ahead and join a hunt club or a gun club and try to make friends. Do the gun shop thing too. As you practice shooting, buy your shells at various shops and just pick brains while you're there. Do the same when you buy your other gear. But a little bit of stuff at a time so you can spread yourself around. Use purchases as an opportunity to pick brains. A good reason to buy locally rather than mail order. From my experience, after you've gotten to know a gun shop or sporting goods guy from buying a few things (doesn't even have to be a lot in terms of $$ - just that you're a customer), you don't have to buy to engage in conversation. Most of those guys just love to talk about guns and hunting. The reason to purchase is not to get them talking, it's just common courtesy to help them earn a living.

Networking is all this is of course. It might take a while, but I hope you'll find some mentors. In the mean time, learn to handle the weapon and shoot well and read about basic hunting strategies and principles. Don't over do it, but you can certainly learn a lot on your own. Good luck!
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