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Default Well.......

Anyone bag that trophy yet? Any good stories or close encounters?
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Default RE: Well.......

Not yet. Rifle hunting starts Oct. 22nd. Hopefully I'll have some pics. for you then.
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swanny evans
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Default RE: Well.......

bow season here in GA started saturday and so far ive watched a few does and on sunday night i called in an 8 point to my decoy but hes lucky because he wasn't the deer i was looking for. Ive been hunting two deer for 3 years now and each year ive had extremely close encounters with them hopefully thi yr will be the yr.
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Default RE: Well.......

In Kansas, bow season starts in October and gun deason doesn't start until the week after Thanksgiving! The waiting kills me, especially when I start hearing of other folks starting to tag their deer!
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Default RE: Well.......

Easy now on the quest for information, there. I'm sorry to tell you that you do not have the required security clearance for the information you have specifically requested.

What I CAN tell you is ..........
- recon info is good
- seasonal investments appear to be paying adequate dividends.
- good percentage of necessary pieces related to successful seasonal operations
appear to be fitting into place at this point.

Further information may be forthcoming on a need to know basis.

As you were.
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Default RE: Well.......

I saw 4 potential trophys yesterday. We picked up a new 676 acre lease and while trying to figure it out yesterday we almost ran over 4 spotted fawns that were laying in the high grass of the old roads. Little fellers were about the size of a medium jackrabbit.
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Default RE: Well.......

I haven't really seen any dandy bucks taken yet but then most seasons either just started or won't be starting until October. Patience.....
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Default RE: Well.......

NH bow season opens this week (Sep 15th) and I have yet to shoot my bow. Which means I now have to rush to get my bow license, get my gear in order, practice as much as possible in the next week or so, do some scouting in the woods I know pretty well..Whew...

It seem when I have everything in check where I dot every"I" and cross every "T"and have spent time scouting etc, all I need is to see thedeer in the area while I'm there.

Doesit happen that way...NOOOOOOO, it's when I rush, take a stand in my self climber based on what has happened in the past, probably forget something becauseit's Sun afternoon and I have only 2 hrs to hunt before sunset...it's those times I see deer and the action picks up....Why does it seem to happen that way?...Who knows, .....that's whyI have my game plan all set because like I said I don;t even have my bow license yet....etc, etc,etc. I should do good, sounds OK to me ....

Good Luck People!!!
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Default RE: Well.......

Bow season started this past Saturday here in NJ. I had two does slightly out of range, but enjoyed a nice afternoon in the tree nonetheless! I now have confirmed where the deer are coming from and traveling to so next weekend my chances should be better should I decide to take one of them. Heck, it was just great getting back up into the tree, alone, quiet, etc. Now I have motivation to come into work each day because every day completed at work brings me a day closer to the next Saturday!
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