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dogs and deer help

Old 08-18-2005, 11:23 AM
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Default dogs and deer help

Okay folks, I need a little help here. Ijustboughta small piece of property(about 90 acres) with 2 other guys that we are going to deer hunt on. One of the guys has a big hunting dog that he likes to take out to the place and let him run around. The dog is an excellent hunter and kicks up deer and turkeys all the time. He was rolling around in the mud under my treestand the other day and we are having a disagreement on the effect the dog has to deer. Do you think the dog will affect the deer movement, particularly the smart old big boys?

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Default RE: dogs and deer help

Lucky, you don't want a deer/turkey dog, bad habits for a deer dog.
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Old 08-18-2005, 11:37 AM
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

imho i would think that the sent of a predetor(the dog) would make most deer un easy but depending on where you hunt deer are already used to smelling things such as yotes,foxes ect... if you are that concerned about how the scent of the dog will affect any deer coming into the area around your stand just ask your buddy to try and keep the dog under control.... hope this helps you some.
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

I don't really thing it is that big of a problem as long as he is not doing it and you trying to hunt at the same time.we run deer with dogs and they will be around all the time until they heard that dog bark,then the old boys will get up and slip out to the thickets.

I hunt another place where there are no dogs running the deer.there are dogs in the area all along.we see them come through.they do spook the deer when there in the area.the next day we see the same deer and they are not spooked that day.

I guess what I'm saying if it is a day or two,it should not bother them.I would ask him to not let the dog out there.JMHO.
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Default RE: dogs and deer help


I am assuming the guys you bought the land with were friends, if you knew this guy was gonna do this why buy land with him, or why not bring this up as an issue with him? IF he's your friend surely he wil stop it.
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

The other piece I should include is that we border a protected area where you can't hunt deer at all. I believe that when the dog pushes them out, they begin to realize that it is safer for them on the other side of the fence. I have been trying to convince him not to take the dog out just during deer season, but not having a ton of success.
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

wholelottagobble, I did do exactly that. I reminded him that we spoke about this issue just last year when we decided to buy it. He just doesn't want to do it now. So, I am trying to give him some evidence of why it makes sense.
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

Luckyone...Im known for calling it the way I see it, with no sugar coating, so here goes. Sometimes our "freinds" are just the same as other inconsiderate pain in the a$$es we know. They evidently dont care enough about each others feelings. Personally, thats why I dont have partners in business, and sharing land through money is indeed a partnership.

Anyway, go ahead and have a walk with this guy, with his dog, but walk to HIS stand. While there, pause long enough for his dog to do everything that he does at your stand. Watch your friends reaction. Hell, you might even wanna relieve yourself while youre there too. Maybe then he'll get the hint. And if not, later on collect his dogs crap and dump it at his stand. Hey, what are friends for, right?

My bet is he will wake up then, and you guys, in 90 acres, will find some good neutral ground to walk the dog on. Compromise is the key to any friendship. So is buying him out...
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

I have VERY strong feelings about having dogs (domestic or not) running around where I intend to hunt. My personal approach tofree roamingdogs isdose of "bad medicine" from my shotgun or rifle (whichevers handy). I "cured" two about a month ago. Of course, this doesn't help your problem, but I would be concerned about having the a dog around my stand sites especially as seasongets closer. This could be touchy since this guy is supposed to be a "friend".

This just and after thought, but you could make a point of peeing around his stand to see if he might takethe hint.
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Default RE: dogs and deer help

anytime you add dogs to the mix you will affect deer movement. the deer are not dumb. they will stay far away from dogs the same way they will stay away from coyotes. if your trying to be succesful at still hunting then loose the dog idea. if your runnin deer with the dog then do that but dont try and do both. it wont work out in your favor. the deer will just change up and move around later at night when its safer to come out
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Quick Reply: dogs and deer help

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