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Dark to Dark Hunting

Old 06-27-2005, 05:20 PM
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Default Dark to Dark Hunting

I just read an article in D&DH about hunting in one standfrom dark to dark. I have personally never done this and was wondering if any of you practice this and how hard is it to do? The author of the article says he does it about 30 times a season!
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

Never have, and have no intention of starting now. About 2 hours in the morning and 3 1/2 in the afternoon is about all I care about. Lots of days I don't even want to go in the morning.
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

It all depends on the Moon or if it rained the night before.
I never go out in darkness or return in darkness. The best
time I have found is after a hard rain. It could be 8:00am
and they are still returning to bed. We have barometers to
check the pressure. The best pressure is 30 and dropping.
There will be more movement at these pressures. If you
don't have one, checkthe dragon flies. When they fly low to
the ground, the pressure is high and it's getting ready to rain.
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

During the few days of rifle hunting that I get to do each year, I definately hunt from sun up to sun down. I hunt on the top of the ridge and sometimes the best activity doesn't start up there until the hunters down below start to get restless and begin moving around. Aside from that, it's a long hike to the top, so onceI'm there I prefer to stay put! You never know what's gonna waltz by just when you least expect it.
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

I've done it more times than I care to remember. Lots of food, clothes, pee bags etc... Thank God for safety harnesses - I came so close to falling out due to sleeping it isnt funny. My friend does it quite regularly from his Tree Lounge stand - but thats like an insulated recliner up in a tree - He REGULARLY sleeps up there. I wont do it anymore. 12 or so hours up a tree is unnatural. I do hunt at least a few days all day - but thats a combo of stand, ground blind, stalking, driving and lunch off the quad.
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

When I know for a fact a big one is in the area..its all a matter of time till he makes a mistake and shows himself, may not be at 25-30 yards, but you just might catch him making a mistake during rut, when the rut is going hot and heavy I spend a LOT of time up in a tree all day or in one of my ground blinds all day...
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

I do that more often than not,especially if I'm onto a good buck.I like to get in a hour before legal light and just settle in and wait.Gives me time to get mentally in the game.I don't hunt from a treestand though so I do have the chance to quietly sneak away to stretch my legs or answer the call of nature.This year I picked up a pop-up blind so that should make the days even more comfortable by blocking the wind,rain or snow.
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

I have never done it, not sure if I could. I would get bored and my feet would fall asleep.
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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

I Like sitting all day. I always see a ton of deer and I enjoy watching all the other animals. I sat all day every day for 4 days and then on day 5(Friday) I took a good buck at 9:00 am.I saw a few little bucks and many does,since I had already killed 8 does I wanted to wait on a buck. I knew it was a good spot because of all the scrapes and rubs.Heres what I got.

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Default RE: Dark to Dark Hunting

I will if I have been seeing many animals moving. If I am not seeing much I usually set up somewhere else where I think the deer are. But only a couple have times have actually planned on being out all day.
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