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Daughters first buck

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Default Daughters first buck

Well I'm going to try and copy over what I have posted on Kisky because it will be much easier.

Well season is long and gone but I have been busy so I will now tell the great time we had. Well of course on the first day my friend Mark shot a nice buck right away probably in the 125 range. He is the luckiest hunter that I have ever been around always gets a pretty good deer. That was all we got before noon. That afternoon I was hunting with my 14 year old daughter and all she wanteded to do was get herself a buck. Well we had a couple guys do a slow walk through and move some deer our way. At first I saw a couple does coming so i told her to get ready then I saw the buck coming and of course he stops 20 yards away between us and another friend so no shot he was not a very big buck but it didn't matter to her. Then my buddy started to move so that the deer would move out for a shot oppurtunity and work great but Kesie missed and the deer ran back towards the walkers and they started shooting not sure why was not a buck to be taken by anyone other than a kid. Of course they wounded it so then we started to track it Kesie was bound and determined to get this buck and put him down for her first. Now comes the part that made dad a very proud father we where in crabapple trees undergrown with raseberries nice area for nothing but a deer to hole up in. Well I was down on my hands and knees and kelsie shouts there he is I said shoot him but was to late. So I went over to the edge not 20 yards away to watch for him and Kelsie started to trail him and I didn't see a thing 15 minutes later Kelsie comes out (which this stuff is thick and we could not see each other) she is all sad and I said what is wrong she said dad he walked by me at about 15 feet and looked right at me but I could not shoot because I could not see you. Well that made my day I have at least instilled the saftey part into hunting. Well it got dark on us to end the day. Then comes the good part the next morning we started in the same fence row that this all started in. My Wife text me to let me know that it is 7 degrees and we are crazy people I told her maybe but we are having fun. Then I look up and see a doe coming and a buck right behind so I said to get ready at about 35 yards Kelsie made a great shot and dumped him right in his tracks. He is only a six point but a great one for her first buck he scores about 105". Well that is about the end of it I will get pics up as soon as possible. Thanks for leting me ramble on I usally don't asy to much but I was as excited or more than Kelsie.
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Default RE: Daughters first buck

Awesome, congrats to both of you
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Default RE: Daughters first buck

Wow congrats on the first and a great buck it is !!! And teaching her saftey the right way!! Way to go you two!! Walt
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Default RE: Daughters first buck

Congrats. on a great buck and a great story. Nothing like being with your kids when they kill deer. i wouldn't trade it for the biggest buck in the world.
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Default RE: Daughters first buck

You guys are right nothing is better then seeing your kids having sucess. Both my daughters have had some luck but my oldest got a deer the first year out and this one has got one every year. I think this is really bothering the oldest it is just the luck of the being there at the right time. They both hunt the same farm so the deer are there. Katie my oldest said she probably won't go next year it really breaks my heart. I told her that was fine if that is what she wanted I hope that she changes her mind cause it will be her last year before she leaves for college. My plan is to ask her agin this summer and try going to southern Iowa away from home during the early muzzleloader season and getting her an extra doe tag and let her blast the first one and then look for a buck. She really wants to kill a buck any buck will due but there are a lot more deer in southern Iowa to choose from. Wish me luck in convincing her not to give up and thanks for all the kind words. I think Kelsie is really into it and she seems to love being outdoors. Thanks for letting me ramble on good luck to anyone still trying to fill tags. I will try to fil my late muzzle tag soon.

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Default RE: Daughters first buck

Congratulations Kesie! I have hunted hard all season and still have not put a buck down[:@] I hunt with my dad all the time and I think it's cool to spend that time together in the woods! I hope you enjoyed the experience, we need more girls out there!!
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Default RE: Daughters first buck

Congrats - that's sweet!
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