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WKP - Team Member Introductions

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WKP - Team Member Introductions

Old 07-02-2007, 04:09 PM
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Default WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hey guys, I'm Todd Pringnitz - President of WKP. I just wanted to start this thread to give you guys an idea of who we are, and what our HNI user names are!

You can check me out in the video clip on the website (lower left). This will pretty much give you a look into my world, much better than words can describe!

Don't be afraid to introduce yourself, even if you're not a WKP team member, we already know many of you, and want you're involvement on our forum.

Thank you,

WKP - Todd
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Old 07-02-2007, 04:34 PM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Your Welcome and the site looks great.
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Old 07-02-2007, 06:47 PM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hey there Guys and Gals my name is Walt Eastling and I go by Stikbow26 on the site. I had the privledge of meeting a bunch of you at the summer party and that was great.. I meet Todd quite a few years ago and we started hunting big deer together and never looked back. Todd and I were talking one day about the like's and dislikes of hunting video's and all of sudden Whiteknuckleprodutions was formed by Todd and we never looked back. This is what we like to see and we now know there are alot of hunters out there with the same feelings as we have been hearing from you and meeting you. I hope you all enjoy the web site and the video because it is all for you guys!! You can pretty much see what I am about in my bio it says it all!! Hunt Hard and Shoot Straight!!! Walt
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Old 07-02-2007, 08:57 PM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

tater here not good at this typing stuff got some good jokes tho and love to hunt no buddy else will till you about the misses like i will ;;been there done that it happens mybe im the only one to do that but those are the best stories
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Old 07-03-2007, 06:43 AM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hey guys,
I'm Tyler Tisue (TallTines6) I was at the huntnnet gathering a few weekends ago as well. Probably better known to most guys there as "Iowa". Look forward to interacting w/ all the knowledgeable guys on the site. "I don't care who you are, you always have to be a student of the game when it comes to deer hunting because the more I learn the less I know." This was said to me by a friend to really keep you humble and that's why sites like this are so useful for hunting knowledge.

I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year too. I think w/ more of us team members getting on the same page we should be able to lay down some killer footage and some giant bucks!

Look forward to bringing you guys a show you guys can really appreciate.

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Old 07-03-2007, 09:47 AM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hello everyone. My name is Ed Nevar ( Muskybuck ). Long time viewer, first time poster. Met Todd a few years ago while bowhunting in Illinois.
My brother and I showed him some pics of some of the small Wisconsin
whitetails we've killed over the years and the next thing you know we're
part of Whiteknuckle.
Anyway, looking forward to the coming season and hope I can contribute to this site and our new video.

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Old 07-03-2007, 11:07 AM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hi everyone,
My name is Kevin Schroeder. I'm a 43 year old whitetail fanatic from northern Illinois. Many of you know me offa fewother Hunting sites on the web by my user name ( Mr. Droptine ) .Soon to beofficially introduced as a WKP team member ! I figured I would let you all know a little about myself.
I was bit by the whitetail bug early on as a kid. Growing up in Wisconsin, my Dad introduced me and my two older brothers to hunting at a young age. The first time I saw a deer in the wild, sitting by my Father duringa Wisconsin gun season, on a cold day, with a fresh snowfall. I think I was 8 yrs old at the time.We hadtwo does walk within 15 yards of us, nevernoticing we were there.
That was it ! I was hooked.
I first heard of Todd off The Kisky site, and was fortunate enough to have met him at the Iowa deer classic this past year. We hit it off right away and he sensed my passion for whitetails. He invited me to be part of his team. The restis history. I've met a Great new friend.
Myself, like Todd, made a bold move. I moved from Wisconsin to Illinois to chase my dream of Monster Whitetail deer. It was the best thing I have ever done.
I've met a number of Great friends and Whitetail nuts since moving to Northern Illinois. I video taped deer for about 25 years now. Having built up a good collection of video off great bucks over the years. I'm looking forward to contributing to White Knuckle Productions in anyway I can.
Droptine bucks and non typical bucks really get me pumped. I've been fortunate enough to have video taped and picked up sheds to several droptine bucks over the years. My real dream is to, (like tyler) harvest a droptine buck with my bow. Hopefully getting it all on video.
My other passion is shed hunting. The past six years, I've averaged around 65 sheds a year. My best year as far as numbers go, I picked up 83. I have video taped just about every shed antler I have found for the past 10 years. That's about the skinny of it.

The White Knuckle Production Team is a GREAT bunch of Whitetail FANATICS from all over. I'm glad to be part of the team.

Kevin............. Mr. Droptine
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Old 07-03-2007, 12:59 PM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hey all you hunting fanatics, WKP team member Mike Kortman (Spoiler) here. Just want to introduce myself, I wish I could met alot of you In person at hunting camp but work wrecked that for me. Maybe I should quit my job and move to Iowa. Hope everyone is enjoying the website and the video. For those of you that know Todd like I do you know that we have only scratched the surface. Look forward to interacting with you all.

Talk to you all later, that thing called a job is unfortunatly calling me.
Mike (Spoiler)
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Old 07-03-2007, 04:22 PM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Hi guys my name is Nic DiFilippo I go by flip13. I am a deer hunting nut like the most of you. I am a high school hisotry teacher and baseball coach during the deer off-season. I meet Todd a year ago and things took off between us. I am very happy to be working for him. I started videoing three years ago and I have had some luck with filming hunts best buck on tape a 140 inch IL ten
Glad to meet all of you and hope you enjoy the video
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Old 07-03-2007, 04:51 PM
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Default RE: WKP - Team Member Introductions

Awwwww Yeah. Dallas Ft.Worth (Dan Johnson) is east bound and down. Looking forward to becoming better educated on the ways of the great whitetail and making new friends along the way.

Can't wait till Oct 1st, already got the itch. The first doe that walks within 30 is food.

Hey Tater tell your wife I said "Hi".

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