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Colorado coyote


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Is there places out east or west of COS. I am looking for a yote area that others have found. I really don't have a whole lot of time available to scout the areas. If there is someone that knows a area and would like to show a couple of new yote hunters. I would love to go.. I am Lazy X AF and my bud is a x US marine(notice the lower case LOL). but just looking for some yotes to take care of. both have AR/rifle or a bow/crossbow depending on needs.
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Hey there, looking to do some coyote hunting and came across this post about the yampa area. Can you narrow it down for me?

Thanks in advance,

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Check out the Gardner Park reservoir area off of Getaway trail west of Yampa. Tons of yotes over there.
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Coyotes are Furbearers it is LEGAL to hunt with electronic game call this post is wrong do not listen to it.
Originally Posted by Blackelk View Post
1.The use of toxicants, drugs, explosives, stupefying
substances or leghold traps, instant kill body-gripping
design traps or snares to hunt, kill, capture,
injure or harass wildlife are illegal, except with
permits issued by CPW or the Colorado Department
of Agriculture.
2. Use of electronic calls is not allowed to hunt small
game. (Electronic calls are legal to hunt furbearers.)

3. Use of any artificial light as an aid in hunting
wildlife, except as in Legal Small-Game Hunting
Methods (above) is not allowed.
4. Use of bait to hunt small-game mammals, game
birds and migratory birds is not allowed.
5. Use of visual lures, fresh meat baits, fish oil and
anise oil lures to attract felids in lynx recovery
areas or where lynx are found is not allowed.
6. Except when legally placed on private property by
permit, it is illegal to set traps or snares within 50
feet of either side of the travelled part of state or
federal highways or county roads.
7.It is illegal to destroy or damage beaver or muskrat
houses, dens or dams, except to maintain water
flow or prevent property damage.
8.It is illegal to promote, conduct, offer to conduct
or participate in a competitive event that involves
killing small game or furbearers for which there
is no bag and possession limit (including coyotes
and prairie dogs). Contests are allowed if no more
than 5 of each species are killed by each participant
during the event. Contests of marked or
tagged small game and game birds for money or
valuable prizes also are illegal. Tokens of recognition
without significant monetary value are not
considered valuable prizes. This does not apply to
wildlife parks and field trials licensed by CPW.
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Anybody heading out to get some? Im interested in going on my first hunt of the yotes. Let me know.
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