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Default DUCKS!?!

Just a question to all of you other duck hunters. When watching hunting shows/videos I have noticed that everybody tends to seek out drake mallards for their duck hunting adventures. I also notice that they pass on others such as teal, assorted divers, and assorted puddlers. As far as I know mallards are widespread and seasons apply to most all ducks with some limitations. Dou you feel that drake mallards are "elite" or better than other kinds of ducks. I killed six species of duck last season at a total of 34 ducks, and only harvested 4 mallards, I was happy with all of the ducks taken and appreciated each kind taken, so as you can see I am not affected by this prejudice. Just looking for some of your opinions. Carpmaster
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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

As far as I am concerned it is up to the individual. Some people are downright snobs when it comes to ducks other than drake Mallards. I personally think that sometimes it is a lot more enjoyable to try to take several species as it allows you to stay in the marsh or field longer and enjoy this great sport even more. a pet peeve of mine are a small segment of our great sport who call ducks other than Mallards "trash ducks". I just feel sorry for this type of person.
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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

All ducks are great, and I love hunting all of them. That being said, there seems to be something special about mallards. They're big, pretty and act different than other ducks. They're more vocal than other ducks, and react differentely to decoys. When there is alot of pressure in an area, many times the mallards are alot harder to fool than the other types. And looking at a big pile of green heads after a good day of hunting is very satisfying. However, if given the choice, I would pick a good bluebill shoot any day!
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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

If you are from down south or anywhere else but New England for that matter, I can see how you can pass on other ducks and wait for mallards. If we did that up hear we would only shoot a hand full of ducks every year. True some ducks don't taste as good as others. We could shoot a limit of mergs every day if we wanted, but what the heck are you gonna do with them? As far as passing on teal or other ducks thats insane! Teal taste better than mallards and they're more fun to shoot! I think it is a matter of location more than anything else.
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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

A duck is a duck is a duck! They are ALL good eating as far as I am concerned.


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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

If you are fortunate to hunt in an area where you can pick and choose, thats great. I've hunted areas like that and it is very fun. However, since I have moved to Texas, the birds have been very slim to say the least. Most of the places I hunt now, "if it flies, it dies!"
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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

I like to see lots of different kinds of ducks. I do exclusively shoot drakes, when there are enough ducks around any way. We don't kill enough to put a serious hurtin on the population.

I do seem to like greenheads more than other ducks, and I am not really sure why, I guess just because they are more difficult to fool. Pintails are far and away what gets me the most fired up. My dad prefers black ducks. I love a good mess of teal too.

In VA this past season I killed mallards, black ducks, gadwall, woodies, GW teal, pintails, wigeon, buffleheads, ringnecks, and a hooded merganser (looked like a woodie to me by dawns early light [:'(]). And candian geese, they are everywhere.

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Default RE: DUCKS!?!

I would love to kill a pintail, to me that could be the ultimate duck.
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