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Default Decoys

I want to get into waterfowl hunting one of these days and I was wondering how many decoys I need? Also, can you recomend any certain type that are cheap? I will be field hunting for ducks and maybe geese.
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Default RE: Decoys

if i was you i would look in the Cabelas Catalog , and check out their Decoys.
A;so i would get about 2 Dozen early season you can put all of them out , but in later season look at other hunters if they are putting out a lot of Decoys , and calling alot i would put just about 6 to 1 dozen out and call little , it works if theirs alotta presure on the birds. And just Look at other hunters spreads and if their getting alotta Ducks to come in the put as many as they got but if they got alot out and arent killing any then you need to just put between 6 to 12 out maybe even 2 or 3 decoys osmetimes is the trick just mess around take all of the and put a Big Spread out and when you see some Ducks if they come in then keep out all the Decoys you got but if they dont come in the take some decoys out and try it again , Just look around and do what the Ducks are wanting this means 1 decoy to 100 decoys just mess around and yall get the hang of it man . Hope this helps and if you need any help just e-mail me at [email protected] or [email protected] and i will be glad to help you out man.
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Default RE: Decoys

I tend to stick with smaller set ups. In one area I hunt if it's early part of the season, I usually set 12-24 duck decoys and 3-5 geese. In the latter part I put out no more than a dozen dekes and the goose dekes (3) if the geese are moving through.

At my other spot, IF I set out decoys, it's no more than 6. The ducks are going to come there anyway, so sometimes it's better to just sit and wait!

Now days, people all over are doing the "bigger is better" thing and the birds are getting wise. I can only speak for my area, but small works a lot better.

I don't call a lot either. In fact, I only call when absolutely necessary, ie. trying to turn a bird back around, etc.....
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Default RE: Decoys

You can probably find someone that you know that waterfowl hunts and the best way to learn would be to hook up with them to start out. If you don't know anyone, try to find someone.

Check out the refuge forums, www.refugeforums.com and check out your states board and start talking to people.

In either case, get as many decoys as you an afford at first, usually just a few dozen will work, and learn the techniques of duck hunting.

Start learning to call now, as that is a greater skill and tool than decoys, and work on it all year. Just to prove my point, we were packing up and about ready to go the other day at the end of a hunt when a flock of mallards came down the lake looking for somewhere to go. I was standing next to the boat and it was uncovered and we were both out in the open, but I pulled my call back out and started on them and they came our way. I figured they would flare off, but they came close enough and my uncle killed the closest greenhead. I was amazed, as this rarely happens, but they came right to the calling.

Good luck.
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Default RE: Decoys

greenhead gear hot buy dekes are fairly inexpensive. so are some of the flambeaus if you look around. $25 a dozen. if you walk in, get as many as you can comfortably carry, 2-3 doz, and don't overdo them with heavy anchors if most of your water is calm.
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