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Default decoys?

How many decoys do you all generally put out? And what kind ie: jake, hen... And has anyone ever seen those ones that have a jake on top of a hen? Do those work?
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Default RE: decoys?

I know that I' m planning to use a hen and a jake and station them within about five feet of each other, preferably to the left of where I will be set up if possible. BUT! With that said, this is my first season and I' m relying on others advice I' ve talked to and advice I' ve picked up in videos and such.
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Default RE: decoys?

Hunting with Decoys

Decoys can produce successfull results at times. Knowing when and how to set them up can be a helpfull tool in becoming a successful hunter. There are a number of different makes of decoy' s on the market today. Hardbody' s,collapsible foam,and silhouettes are a few. Knowing the pro' s and con' s of each type is important to your hunting habits. Different companies make different decoys Featherfex,Flambeau,Delta,Carry light,and Outlaw silhouettes are a few makes.

Decoy setups can be done in a number of different ways. One or two is normaly used because of lack of space in ones turkey vest. Decoys can be a helpfull tool but not a substitute for bad calling. Setups are important aswell for the success of the decoy. A turkey hunter can not exspect to place a decoy in any one spot and have a gobbler come walking into the setup. Scouting the hunting area and setting up in travel routes / strutting areas will be a big asset to your decoy setup.

Decoys can work against the turkey hunter asell. Gobblers that have alot of hens in his presents are less likely to come to a decoy. Turkeys that become Call shy can aswell become Decoy shy. An area where decoys are used alot is the likely place to have failure with a decoy setup. Hangups are a known factor of decoys as well. By setting up in a spot that the gobbler can not see the decoy at a distance untill he is in range is a good practice. Make sure you can see beyond the setup for other hunters. At times decoys will work and others they will not, By one depending on success will not happen on every visit to the woods.

Decoy setups;

Keeping a setup within a 20yard range is a good idea for the turkey hunter. When a gobbler enters the setup and struts to the decoy, the hunter still has a advantage of a within range shot. One or more hen decoys are ok for this type of setup. All hens or add a jake will make a gobbler think that he is being undermined. A Jake decoy seems to work best at the start of the season, as most are still or breaking from winter flocks. Lone hen/hens tend to work better as the season nears the end. At this time most hens are down on nest and the gobblers have a harder time to finding that wondering hen. Don' t be scared to use a Jake gobble shaker off and on, or gobbler yelps with the setup and keep a safety issue in mined at all times. Private land would be better for this setup. When setting up decoys make a practice to place the jake the closes to the setup hunter. Most times a gobbler will pass a hen decoy and come straight to the jake running him off to win the hen.

By faceing the decoys to your setup/blind, most times a gobbler will make eye to eye contact with the decoy,this puts the gobbler facing away from you and allows the hunter to make a move, or a Bow hunter to draw.

Another successfull way of setting decoys is called the Breeding Hen Setup.
By setting a Hen decoy close to the ground as in a crouch and adding a Jake on top of her, will make an old gobbler think that another dominate bird has taken his place. The hunter can also add a second hen not far off from the breeding set to allow a secondary tom to take an advantage of her. With the pecking order of gobbler in the yearly spring a setup of this nature can drive Toms crazy.

Motion Decoys can add realizm to a great setup to the keen eye of the gobbler. A hunter that is useing foam body decoys can place two small sticks in the ground on either side of the tail end of the decoy allowing a few inches for the wind to move the decoy on the stake. This will stop the decoys from spinning on the stake. This also will add the realizm to the foam bodies.

Making your setups later in the morning ,along field edges that turkeys frequent and setting a blind at lest 10 yards back from the fields edge can be a prime way to hunt. Patients is a must at times with this sort of setup. Gobblers that use the same field day after day and tend to strut out in the middle can be some of the hardest to hunt. By studying the travel route you can setup close to where he enters and exits the field and place your decoy setup that he can see it as he enters.

Hunters that can hunt afternoons can also use a Decoy setup on the travel route of the gobbler heading to or from the roost. A flock setup works well with this type of hunting.

Decoys in the Fall;

Flock setups with 6-12 decoys work great at this time of year. Setting up as close to a roosting area as possible with out the chance of spooking birds and mimicing the calls of the local birds can be very effective.

After a busted flock the fall hunter can setup one or two decoys at the bust spot and call the same way as the scattered birds trying to regroup. A gobbler flock can be very timely, as gobblers can take hours and even days to regroup.

Decoy safety;

Decoys can be dangerous, all safety issues should be taken at all times. Keeping in mined that when useing jake decoys You Are The Hunted. Setting up with your back on a object wider then your shoulders is a good practice. Being able to see in all directions for approuching hunters. Never wave or move if another hunter is noticed. ALLWAYS yell a Name of some sort,this will get there attention.
When useing decoys alway check around before moving at all. When traveling in the woods always have your decoys in a cover bag/vest.
Never ware the colours of a Gobbler while in the turkey woods RED,WHITE,BLUE and some say BLACK.

Adrian J Hare ,QuakerBoy Game Calls

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