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Default bowhunting geese

me and my friend have this crazy idea the other day while looking through an old bowhunting magazine. we have decided it would be awsome to hunt geese in a field with bow and arrows. i was wondering though, does anyone know what special accesories i will need? i am most concerned about when we miss, what will happen to the arrow. we need the arrows to stop so they dont create a situation. any info would be welcome.
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Default RE: bowhunting geese

Don't know about NJ, but its not legal in Wisconsin. Early season, I think it would be very possible with the use of decoys. Lay in the field among the decoys, and let them land, shoot horizontal instead of up the air. Use large broadheads or large expandables like you would for Turkeys.
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Default RE: bowhunting geese

KoBear, I've spot and stalk goose and duck hunted the last two years now. Between me and my hunting buddy, we've taken 4 geese and 3 ducks. He's also taken 3 other ducks on different occasions, shooting one on the wing as it was landing into decoys.
They set up like normal shotgun hunters, and one guy had a shotgun, my buddy had a bow. For ducks that would come in and prepare for landing, Tom would shoot at him with the bow. If he missed, the other guy would take aim as the duck started to head out and take him down with the rifle. He lost a ton of arrows doing this, but had a blast and was all worth it when he connected.

The other way we've hunted geese and ducks is spot and stalk in either ponds or on the tundra. The shots are usually pretty long, and you'll want to throw on a adder point or washer behind your broadheads so the arrow doesn't snake under ground and get lost. I've shot one goose and one duck in the wing with just an adder point, and it did not even hinder their ability to break camp and fly away. Broadheads are the way to go on waterfowl. It gets expensive though!

Good luck!
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Default RE: bowhunting geese

they make the special broadheads for bird hunting, they look like a mass of wires. They would be your best bet on hitting something.
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