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Wood Ducks

Old 09-21-2010, 03:09 AM
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Default Wood Ducks

I have a new piece of farmland that is surrounded by wood duck creeks. Could I get some ideas about seting up for them in the field? Mallard dekes, spinners feeding chuckles? or do I need a spread of Woodie decoys? What do you think?

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Old 09-21-2010, 03:38 AM
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we just set up our regular dekes even if we're out goose hunting and have a separate flock of duck dekes with good ole' mojo running early in the morning... That's generally when they show... And they usually decide to bomb in close enough for a shot anyways... we just consider it a bonus when we're out hunting geese...
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wood ducks are known to hang out with mallards and other dabbler ducks as well so you can have different duck decoys and just separate them into families and they should come in.
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Old 09-21-2010, 06:59 AM
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I have never seen woodies in the field, or perhaps you mean field as on the water. I've seen them setting on logs, branches, can't figure how they do that on branches. But they will decoy to just about any waterfowl decoy I've seen. Or, for that matter, no decoy at all. I've seen over a hundred flock to a small pond at dusk in groups. With their craw chocked plumb full of acorns, more than you can hardly keep in the palm of their hand. They are IMHO the most beautiful colored drake of all. And I have quit knowingly shooting at them. They taste to me, better than any save Cans, whose flavor to me is par none, of course as always IMHO only.
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where state do you live...in georgia wood ducks dont go into fields to feed, we dont decoy them either it dosent really help, you need concentrate them to mostly 1 pond or creek pick the best pond and mix mollaasis and corn up and you put them on lilly pads...they love this, im sure this is true for everywhere
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I am in North Central Ill. I have not seen this either, thats why I asked. They have landed 3 out of the 6 trips down for early goose hunt/scout.
Thanks for the feedback.
I am assured that the field will be chiseled by 10-30 so they may not be around.
I'll post if it works

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i agree with syrup man (except the baiting part lol). if you see em flyin into the creek, go to that creek. dont even bother tryin to call em or use goose decoys and all that B.S. woodies go where they want to go, when they want to go. so the i dunno how many birds youve seen flyin into this hole but if it a good wad, youre definitely not gonna turn them. you might get lucky and persuade a single or two to come in. SC is mostly woodies and this is how they act the majority of the time. anyway just go that same spot at the same time youve been seein with a woodie call and murk.

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Default Hunt report

By the time I got back to this property for opening day it was stripped clean to the 3 roads and the east fenceline had trouble hiding field mice. Nothing came by, no ducks visible any direction and the geese decided to visit field north and west in stead of south .

And the field was chisled deep.

Oh well1
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