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ISO Freezer Cleanouts.

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ISO Freezer Cleanouts.

Old 03-04-2020, 12:58 PM
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Default ISO Freezer Cleanouts.

Good afternoon, I know it's early but I wanted to put this out there for anyone willing- I feed my dog by the PMR ratios and am in search of any freezer burned or undesirable cuts, meat scraps, raw meaty bones, organ meat, game bird feet, etc. Anything from any herbavore you are going to discard I will take, as long as it is not rotting or spiced / seasoned.

I am located in Hedgesville, West Virginia.

I have also seen elsewhere on the forums that this may be considered by some as unsustainable market hunting, however, I do not hunt for my dog nor do I ever ask others to hunt for my dog. He gets the things you or I would not eat so that no part of the animal is wasted.

Thank you in advance!

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Old 03-05-2020, 03:08 PM
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Vacuum packing game has all but eliminated freezer burnt game meat. m Most hunters think more of wild game meat then domestic animal meat. Again most hunters have dogs and if they are going to feed game to a dog it will most likely be their own dog. You did not mention paying for said game meat but just as a matter of information, it is unlawful in almost all states to sell or buy game meat and in addition, it is a violation of federal law if the meat crosses a state line for the sale. You would be better served to solicit a butcher shop in your area to pick up meat scraps.
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Old 03-05-2020, 10:32 PM
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I understand it is illegal to buy uninspected meat, especially out of state. Generally the supplies I receive are freely donated, as they would otherwise be thrown out and I use them at my own risk.

Just wanted to put it out there that I will scavenge what they don't use for themselves or their animals. In the past I've had some give me things they did not wish to process, such as rib cages, lungs, kidneys, or legs, that would not fit in their storage. Another popular occurrence around here involves people discarding older meat that is over a year frozen to make room for fresher products...

I'm always glad to hear of no parts of an animal getting wasted, however, sometimes they just don't have the freezer space.
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Old 03-06-2020, 08:50 AM
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I can understand your logic, but the bigger issue is this
WILD game animals are NOT hunted all yr or not by most legally!
its the WILD game side of things that makes them illegal to be sold, NOT just being un inspected meats !
Also, most any business that handles meats cannot LEGALLY give it to you, they are opening the door to a law suit if they did so!(yes it can happen, but its NOT something any up my way will do)

NEXT, Most hunter use what they kill themselves, and if meat is already getting spoiled or freezer burned, WHY would you want to feed it to your pet?
or questionable meats in general?
Dogs don't have cast iron stomachs, they can get sick and even die from eating BAD meats!
old meats can contain bacteria's and they can again make your pet sick or worse KILL it!

Next if you read anything on pet care, most will also tell you, its best to keep your pet on a consistent diet
been millions of dollars spent over the yrs on studies proving this too!
IMO< if you wanted to do your dog a favor, feed them GOOD fresh meats and try and keep there diet consistent and not relying on scraps and questionable meats from unknown folks!
your dog will most likely live a LOT longer for for you doing this!

OR start hunting and get the game you wish to feed it yourself!, hunting is not hard or costly , and almost anyone can do it!
and I mean all this as help NO bash here, just pointing out things maybe you didn;t think of!
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