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Manchurian Pheasants

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Originally Posted by Oldtimr View Post
Only one fool in this conversation and it is not me. Yes, I have know doubt that I know more than you do on the subject. 34 years working for the PGC is more Bona Fides than your thinking you know more than I do. Just keep deluding yourself . Now you bring deer into the picture, the subject is pheasants. Just shows how desperate you are to try to make your blathering right. It is not, it never will be. You may want to consider it was the know it all hunters who were responsible for lobbying the general assembly to prevent the PGC from cutting back the deer herd decades before a BOC had the guts to tell the General assembly where to go. No sense continuing this conversation and probably any conversation with you. You are hopeless. Feel free to have the last word, I know you will, but it will not make you correct in your assertions.
your the one with the ignorance, I have mention deer in this topic since my second post here?
Nothing new, and I mentioned it to show the lack of response by the PAGC

NEXT you like to call folks names, that's very BIG of you, very professional!

and since you accuse me of being wrong??
where is your proof I am Wrong and Not your opinion<

and I have 1 question for you, since you know SO much more than I do!

question being this, lets see how you answer it with your GREAT knowledge of the PA GC!

question is
IF Farmer stared using chemicals TOMORROW that KILLED EVERY DEER that ate any of there crops they plant
are you TELLING ME??
the PAGC has NO authority to step in and do anything about it??

OH and BY the way I mentioned too about the delay in offending hunters was a reason why it took so long for the PAGC to act on the deer
I already stated this in this [email protected]
so you again DON"T know what I know but you SURE think so, and yet your WRONG AGAIN< NOT me YOU!

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