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Pheasant Hunting Etiquete

Old 11-10-2013, 08:43 AM
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Default Pheasant Hunting Etiquete

Hi guys, my first post here.

I haven't been pheasant hunting for a few years because of work. This year my buddy and I decided to go out for some fun. We went out on opening day on state gameland, we both saw 3 birds and I shot at one and nailed it. When we approach where the bird hit the ground, there was 4 other hunters with 2 dogs searching for the pheasant.

My buddy and I decided not to argue about who shot the bird because it's not worth it arguing over. We did not hear a single shot coming from their direction. This is the 2nd time it has happen to us in the years hunting. My quetion is what would you guys have done?

I have decided to pay to hunt in farms now and not have to deal with this type of bs.
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Old 11-14-2013, 09:21 AM
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What state did you hunt? Seems like an odd situation if you did not know the other hunters were there, whoever made the kill has a right to their bird. Ive shot hundreds of pheasants, never once ran into this situation though.
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We hunt in PA. That's what I thought too Hunter but you never know who you run into when on public hunting ground.
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The more overcrowded the human race becomes the poorer the quality of life becomes for every member.

It's a sad day when some slob rushes in to steal a bird you have shot.
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Last year during rifle season in PA 2 guys tried to take a buck off my dad because they jumped it and tracked it all morning and thought it was there deer. Funny part is they never got a shot off at the deer. Some hunters are desperate.
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I hear of things like this with Elk and deer but I seldom hear of it with birds.
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I would if took my bird home. That's a promise.
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I've heard plenty of stories like that but as Florida Man said it's usually elk or deer. I definitely would give them a piece of my mind to make them think about it.

A friend of mine who lives out in Wyoming told me a story this fall about him and his ex wife hunting deer quite a few years ago in Utah. they had their horses and split up to glass an area. He heard her shoot and rode over to where she was. She said the deer ran into a patch of trees above them and never came out. they rode up and there were a few guys gutting it out. There had been no other shots fired. Well, my friend doesn't take no guff from nobody and proceeded to call them liars. Then he said to me "Their guns were sitting off against the trees and I whipped out my rifle. the wife thought I was going to shoot them as they stepped back and I was so mad I probably could've. I pulled up and put one shot in hind quarters, one shot in the front shoulder, and then blew the horns off. Then I said here's our damn deer. Take it".....even though i wouldn't recommend that to anyone it sure got the point across and I laughed my *** off.....
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Not sure how many will agree with me on this but me personally if another group is hunting a field I just keep on driving. Generally I don't hunt public land except for doves but a couple years ago my father and I where hunting pheasant and quail on public land around Lucas and where not having any luck. We came upon some good looking habitat but was already being hunted so we just kept driving. We ended up seeing only one pheasant. Know of course you could always ask to hunt with the other group but I see nothing but problems with multiple hunting parties hunting a single field.
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If I were the guy with the dog, I would have offered to let my pooch locate the bird for you. Definitely don't want a cripple sneaking off. It does not sound like that was these guys intentions. It was your bird, but I agree with you, it is not worth getting in a confrontation over. If it meant that much to them, they probably needed it more than you did. I would have just chalked it up to the fact that there are more horses' asses in this world than there are horses, and hunted on with my buddy and enjoyed the day.
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