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which breed of dog?

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Default which breed of dog?

im lookin to start pheasent, quail hunting serious, im looking for a great field/hunting dog and great family dog for i have 2 young children at home, what the breed of choice, why, and anyone know breeders? looking for puppy soon thanks v
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Default RE: which breed of dog?

i have a brittney this is my second one and i dont know if i will ever switch breeds

they are awsome family dogs and somewhat easy to train, most brittneys have awsome noses and have alot of natural instinct i will post a breeder site later

what state are you in if you dont mind my asking
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Default RE: which breed of dog?


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Default RE: which breed of dog?

If you are gonna be huntig quail, you need something that points. I run a flusher and kinda miss out on the quail.
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Default RE: which breed of dog?

Brittanies are a great breed.

However, I currently have a german shorthair Pointer. He is a little more active than the brittany, but is bigger and covers more area, but he does not range as far as other pointers. Like the Brittainies, he circles back and checks me frequently. I use him to retrieve dove, and point quail. He is a great alround dog. He is very friendly and loving.
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Default RE: which breed of dog?

I use GSP and WVSP when bird hunting. Depending on your location and the severity of ticks, I would stick with a short haired dog.

When I live on Long Island,NY, the ticks were all over the place as long as the temps were above 32* Since I moved to WV, the tick population disapates in late August mid September to non exisitant.

Pheasant Hollow Farm

Just to add, GSP's have a wonderful disposition and are great with any kids of any ages and my dogs stay in the house and not kenneled
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Default RE: which breed of dog?

GSP or Lab,

I own three labs and use them for pheasant. They are disciplined, smart and very loving to people ( currently rank second to Newfoundlands as best w/ kids). However, the key I have found to getting a "upland lab" is body type. A lean, long legged lab can cover more land and is less likely to fatigue than the traditional stocky- shorter legged lab afield. Sounds a lot like a GSP.

Not a fan of spaniels, particulary for pheasants. In my South Dakota group there is a guy with a spaniel. He spends a great deal of time working burs out every night after the hunt. One year he had to shave areas of hair off the dog.
I have also been bitten by two of them when I was gently petting them.

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Default RE: which breed of dog?

i am going to give you what i have seen for 50 years hunting..the dog that i saw that could do it all,NOT GREAT,but all around hunting dog is the LAB..

as said here, the one that has long legs and weights no more than 80 pds for male and lower for female is one to get..they are called AMERICAN FIELD LAB..their head is not BOXY like the english labs..

there are better dogs for pheasants, also grouse, also rabbits but none of those will hunt as good as lab on all of them ..

they can take WIND,SNOW, COLD, HEAT,they can handle themselves if coyote attacks or another dog..if they are caught in coyote traps, they are tough,you can get their paw out and they will go hunting,some dogs limp after getting in trap..they swim like a beaver..they are no GIRLIEDOG,they are hunter..they hunt 20 yds out in front of you,NO COLLARS with beepers going off or seeing your dog running away after rabbit over mtn or flushing a pheasants 100 yds away..their feet seem to be tougher than other dogs, you dont get cuts and thorns like i saw on brittanys,springers etc..

you want a ALL AROUND DOG,then lab is as close as you can get..if you want dog that is good just for pheasant, then as said above, there are better ones..
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Default RE: which breed of dog?

English Pointer!!! Enough said.
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Default RE: which breed of dog?

I prefer pointing dogs over flushing dogs for quail, Phesants. I like to watch them on point. But get the dog that you like. That is the best dog.
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Quick Reply: which breed of dog?

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