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Monster Of The Island!!

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Default Monster Of The Island!!

I was off Wed. and THur. so I went back to the Island on Wed. morning.at first light he boomed in the swamp just off to the river. I went and set up and for 30 min. worked him. he was really hot and gobbling hard.after 30 min. he came into sight.when he was about 25 yards,I slipped the safty off (not a sound,the BPS is 25 years old).the bird just turned and walked away.
I told him I would "be back".I heard another one gobble two times.he didn't gobble any mor or come.

This morning I "was back".I sat on a log on the island thinking I wish he would gobble on the Island this time.almost on Q he boomed off at the far end
I went to him and he was off in the swamp .
I waded the swamp and two creeks,about knee deep.
sat up and called. he boomed back.I worked him for 20 min. then there he was looking stright at me.I eased the safty off and put the bead on that BIG RED head.
squeeked one time and he put it stright up.
I sent a load of #6's and he gave up his life for me to enjoy more fried breast .

he was truly the "Monster Of The Island".. the next to the biggest bird I have ever taken for an Osceola.
He weighted an exact 20lbs. 10 1/2" beard with 1 1/4" and 1 3/8" spurs.
as I said befor,it is over a mile to the road and then to the truck.for an old fat man,thats a tireing walk. a good tired though.

I have taken a bunch of birds from the island,but none like the Monster. .

that make the season for me.I guess I will try to get the wife on one soon. I heard two mor birds this morning.maybe she can hold up to walk that far if we take it easy.she can only walk a short distance without stopping.she gets a treatment monday.for about 3 or 4 days she feels bad,then foe a few weeks she feels a lot better and has more strength and can hold out for longer peroids. maybe,just maybe.
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Default RE: Monster Of The Island!!

Congrats on the Monster and good luck on your wife's bird.
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Default RE: Monster Of The Island!!

Outstanding job sir. Just gotta love those kinds of hunts. All of my toms have been silent, all the ones I've heard have died by others. Still trying to get that one that talks and comes to me.

Great story, and again, congrats.
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Default RE: Monster Of The Island!!

a little update on the monster of the island.
the wife put the lags,wings,and body in the crock pot to make dressing with the meat and juice.when we took the bones out,one wing bone had been broken and rehealed.not only was it healed,it was laped over.that bone was 1/2" shorter than the other one.
The brake was in mid bone and had healed together one bone on top of the other.just though it was interesting.

anyone else ever seen anything like that? took some pic's.maybe I can get them on soon as I get them on a disk.
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