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Default snakes

I was struck at by a cottonmouth the other day while hunting turkey in Mississippi. Thought a pair of good snake boots would be a wise investment. I've been saying that since last year but I guess it takes a huge pissed off snake to force you to go ahead and buy 'em. Just wondering if y'all can recommend any. If you got advice on which pairs not to buy, that is appreciated too. I am looking to spend around 100 bucks. Do any of you own the Redhead 16'' Ultra Snake Boot for sale at Bass Pro? I was considering these. They look comfortable, weigh about 3.5 lbs and are fully camo. I have never bought anything from Bass Pro however, I always have used Cabela's. Don't know much about the company or if they make quality stuff. Have you had good experience with BassPro? Appreciate the help fellas.
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Default RE: snakes

snake boots....man im never going south if you need snake boots just to hunt.....i mean....we got snakes.....rattlers and copperheads are the only venemous ones though....rattlers arent all that common....i hunt and fish and spend alot of time in their range and only saw one.....a baby...thought it was a black snake and was about to play with it till i saw how angry and agressive it was....then i saw its tail.....trying to rattle it.....heard some atvs coming down the path so i flipped him in the woods with a stick so he wouldnt get hurt...man....would make hunting hard if you had to worry about venemous snakes everywhere you step and sit down!!!! good luck.....be safe!
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Default RE: snakes

It's not just in the south. Last year while hunting in Montana, me and a buddy were heading out for an afternoon hunt. I was walking in front and digging my crow call out of my vest and not paying any attention to a snake that I stepped directly on. Luckily it was a garter snake, and not one of the many prairie rattlers out that way.

Anyway...I don't know of a particular snake boot to recommend, I've just heard that they are tough to break in. I've been considering picking up snake "gaiters" that fit over your boot for late season gobblers and early season bowhunting. They are cheaper than the boots that wouldn't be necessary year round.
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Default RE: snakes

Ive got a pair of Rocky Outback snake boots, they were one of the first fully camo snake boots to hit the market, and I havent seen them for a while in the stores, but they are very comfortable and great for turkey hunting, but Ive never got to try tham out with a snake. I did get mine at Bass Pro, and have bought a lot of hunting items form them, and have never had any trouble with stuff form that store. I also have some of the Red Head brand stuff and it seems good, no complaints about any of it. I think you cna get the Red Head boots and I also think there are some Rocky snake boots for the price you mentioned spending. Good luck and stay off the snakes
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Default RE: snakes

A few years ago I was bit by a copper head in the foot when I stepped on it walking off my back porch in sandals.. Never saw him. I thought I was stung by a wasp or something but my leg started feeling like somebody had a knife just cutting my groin in two. Later on that night I couldnt even move my leg so needless to say I was on crutches for a month because the venom from the snake caused my leg to go dead for that long and I couldnt even move it. One time I was turkedy hutning and I felt something fall on me from a tree and I looked over and there was a snake next to me on the ground... good thing we werent working a bird because I would have spooked it off when I got up running!
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Default RE: snakes

Cutnstrut, I own a pair of the redhead ultra snake boots and they are light and comfortable but are not holding up good. After about 6 months they started coming apart and after about a year they started leaking, considering I hardly ever wear them I havn't been satisfied with them. Bass Pro usually has quality stuff but I would advise against these boots.
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Default RE: snakes

Have you considered a pair of snake proof gaiter. They have them @ cabelas.
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Default RE: snakes

I have both Rocky and Cabelas brand snake boots. I generally use the Cabelas for turkey hunting and the Rocky for general work around the property when the snakes are out. They are both very comfortable to wear all day. They can get a little warm in the hot weather but never too bad. I used to use gaiters but I like the boots MUCH better.
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Default RE: snakes

cut nstrut, I know where your coming from, I hunt in Alabama and u & I both know cottonmouths are the meanest snakes around. Personally I wouldnt get just gaiters, get a whole snakeproof shoe. I have the Lacrosse gobbler trackers (I think thats what there called) & I love them, tough and lightweight. I had a pair of rockey's that were calf high, I busted the bottoms out of them in 2 seasons. I just got these this year. So fair I really like them. I hunt alot of hill country so my boots get alot of wear and tear. Just to share another story with you, 2 years I was hunting in an area that had been flooded several weeks earlier. The sun had since then dried the ground out & the land was hard. I was running late for work so I was trucken it through there pretty fast not paying attention to where I was going. All of a sudden my 9 1/2 shoe stepped entirely on a spot that felt like mud. Well I knew that wasnt right since the entire ground area I was walking on was hard as a rock. So I took another step & turned around & there puffing herself out from where I stepped on her was a 4 1/2 foot long canebreak rattlesnake. I believe my Lord and savior Jesus Christ sent an angel to watch over me that morning because she didnt strike or rattle at me. I still almost pooped in my pants though (HA! HA!). Anyway just thought I would share that.
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Default RE: snakes

I have the Cabela's snake boots and have to admit they are comfortable and have held up for the last 2 1/2 seasons. Haven't had the experience of coming across a venomous snake, but I sure feel more confident with them on my feet and calves. the Cabela's boots have worn well and I haven't had any problems with them at all.
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