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Default weird

i was turkey hunting this morning and after not hearing anything in this one area, i moved to where i had been hearing birds all week. I sneak in there but a jake spots me and books it. well i sit down and call and i get a nice tom to come in. then he starts to strut hardcore and i see another bird coming in. i see a beard on it so i assume its a jake and he is going to kick the crap out of it. the bird then lies down and he walks on it for 5 mins and then does his thing. the so called jake was a bearded hen(either that or they were both gay). i let him finish his job and then shot him. he was like 18lbs, 9 inch beard and had like .75 inch spurs. how many other people have seen a bearded hen or seen a turkey breed?
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Default RE: weird

I watched a longbeard breed a hen last year. When he was finished he came my way and he was my last bird of the season. All in all---I guess it wasn't a bad way to go!
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Default RE: weird

i have never seen either. How long was the beard on the hen?
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Default RE: weird

Ive Seen Bearded Hens
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Default RE: weird

I treed a gobbler three years ago. He answered a tree yelp so I shutup and waited. He flew down and went the other way. After a little while I here a commotion going on over the hill about 40 yards so I basically crawled over to a giant downed tree and peeked over it. There is this gobbler and hen gettin' their freak on. I circled round about 60 yards and sat at the bottom of the hill against a tree, yelped three times and then fell asleep. When I woke up I said to myself, "I don't remember any big log up there?", meaning the cut end of course. When I refocussed my eyes it was that gobbler struttin', so I shot him.
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Default RE: weird

Saw a bearded hen last year - beard wasn't very thick and maybe 7 or 8 inches long. Yet to see turkeys do the "Wild Thing". Weirdest thing I've seen in a while was woodchuck out in a pasture eating horse manure! I am positive he was doing it 'cuz I dropped him from 100yds with my .223, and the soft point blew his guts open and they were stuffed with horse puckey. Brings new meaning to the term "Eat **** and die"

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the beard was like 3 inches long and real thin...it was pretty weird
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Default RE: weird

I have seen many bearded hens...
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Default RE: weird

IMO i would think that a bearded hen would be more of a trophy than a tom....
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Default RE: weird

I missed a bearded hen in Mich this year.

She had the neatest waddles and her beard was at least 8 inches.

I have seen quite a few bearded hens but never like this one!

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