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Turkey Hunting Whether it's spring or fall doesn't matter to this bunch. Great tips on calling, bustin flocks, using blinds and more.

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Default RE: Ambushing

Manybeards I like your style. I don't agree with you but, I really like what and how you said it. I guess I fall into the 1950kid mode of thinking with "if it's legal". Here in IL we can take the birds off roost after certain times. I haven't done this, heck I haven't taken a bird yet. I bowhunt only and feel that I give a good chance to a bird with 200/200 vision 300 degree radius. So ethical has many faces...mine is in camo.

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Default RE: Ambushing

hmmm, ya'll just learned me somethin! I didn't know shootin a turkey off
the roost was legal in any state. just my opinion, but i think a hot fire
needs to be lit under the butts of those game and fish comissions! that
just ain't right!! <img src=icon_smile_angry.gif border=0 align=middle>
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Default RE: Ambushing

Manybeards you make some great points and I certainly respect your opinion!Your certainly right as to its up to the individual to decide what he thinks is ethical or not as far as one's tactics used to harvest a gobbler.But I'm in it for the juice too,and when a plan comes together I get a pretty good charge out of it, and I must say that plan occasionly comes together without a call in hand or mouth.I'm sure you know this,but you dont have to bait,blow birds off the limb, or wait at the roost tree to kill turkeys.I'll reiterate what alot have said here that gives them a charge and thats hunting turkeys.Out manuevering a bird or the hunter that does his homework and knows where the birds are gonna be by his preseason scouting in my book are pretty credible.Obviously you would'nt hunt that way and thats allright,but I really feel that there is way to much emphasis put on one having to be a great turkey caller to kill turkeys.A combination of the two,&quot;hunter and caller&quot;to me makes for a more enjoyable time in the woods.IMHO!
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Default RE: Ambushing

In my state it is against the law to hunt turkeys after 12 noon. So waiting by the roost tree for them to come back in the evening is out. But if you can pattern the gobblers and ambush them I think that is ethical and thats how I got one last year didnt even call.
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Sounds like good hunting , heck if you can sneak up on him , you win !
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Default Ambushing

I think it's ok it is still hunting, I've ambushed hard to get G obblers and you have to know where they are going and plan as you gosometimes it works and sometimes I'd doesn't but it is hunting. As far as Roost shooting that unfortunately is legal here in Colorado but I strongly believe it is very unethical. You might as well get your bird at the store if your shooting birds in the roost, I could do that every year but that is not hunting.

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1) if you can stalk/sneak up on a turkey in most of the conditions I've encountered, and do it consistently to within 30 yards, you are a better woodsman than I'll ever hope to be. Congrats on dusting the birds!

2) Gotta be careful doing that on some of the public land I hunt...could get dangerous crawling around and yelping

3) Setting up in a travel lane is ethical as all get out...depending on the terrain it doesn't always mean the birds will pass in close range BUT it makes it a far cry easier to call them 30 yards out of their way than to turn them around or pull them 1/2 mile in...especially Osceolas who come in 45 minutes after their last gobble, and pop out of the palmettos 180degrees from where you think they're coming.

4) I set up in a travel lane saturday (opening day); had good evidence on the camera they were there about 1.5 hrs after sunrise. Heard 6 on the roost, two loud ones together and closest (250 yards). I didn't make a peep till the hens by me got going. Had toms gobbling at me until about 30 minutes till I figured they'd be there, then BOOM! somebody got in between us and ended my chance at those birds...turns out I should have gone after them a bit, but I got cutoff by somebody else in the birds travel lane. Turns out sitting on the sidewalk waiting isn't always super easy, and IMHO it sure ain't cheating
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I did not read all the post, just the last couple especially Shemps.
If someone ambushes a bird that is not knowing being worked by a hunter, I have no problem with it. BUT, if you know or even think someone is working a bird and you get in between them and " ambush" the bird, that person is WRONG! That in my book is cheating and unethical.

Shemp, maybe the other hunter that shot the bird, really thought you where a hen. Or the other hunters snaked in and shot that bird, knowing it was in front of another hunter. There is a lot of stuff that happens on public land that effects other hunters hunts.( both positive and negative) Most things we will never know and it is probably better.
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Talk about reviving a dead thread! If a bird wont work sometime you gota go get him!!
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Since the OP is from PA he should know that crawling to get close to a turkey, ie, stalking, is not legal in the spring season in PA. It is hunting by calling only, consequently, it is not ethical if it is illegal.
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