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@#$% Coyotes!

Old 03-09-2004, 12:17 PM
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Default @#$% Coyotes!

Scouted on one of my favorite areas on Saturday and didnt hear one gobble or even see one fresh turkey track. But I did see a helluva lot of coyote tracks. Went back yesterday to the same area and found one fresh
set of turkey tracks........followed by a fresh coyote track. Guess I'll be writing this area off this year. Anyone else having yote problems?
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

not a major problem but have found what was left of 3 turkeys over the past couple months, most likely victims of coyotes.
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

Evidently the same happened to one of my places since last spring. I chased a couple of toms there and saw lots of hens and poults. This year- nothing. I have heard and seen many yotes there in the past year tho. I guess its time to break out the predator calls. I'm just north of crawfordville, in whigham ga. Can you hunt the nat'l forest down there?
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

Maybe its time to go on a predator hunt!!
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

i know how you feel, been out 2 out of 3 scouting trips and i have had one , the same one come witin 40 yards of me, there's 4 huge gobblers there and i'm fearing it'll get one of the birds...i'll let ya know....
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

I agree with snowdog....GET OUT THERE AND SHOOT EM!
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

Can you hunt the nat'l forest down there?
St1, Yes I live right on the eastern edge of the forest. That is one of the places I usually hunt. Ive located a few birds there this week.
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

Ain't it funny how you can use the same load on turkeys and 'yotes ?
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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

Ben...I have at least one to two encounters a spring season...heres a couple that didn't quite make it out of our set-ups..[:@]

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Default RE: @#$% Coyotes!

We've found a bunch of turkeys in one area with their heads sheared off by a Great Horned Owl. Coyotes have fed on them since they were killed though. I've seen plenty of Turkeys in the areas we run coyotes in and have seen some coyote carcasses they fed on over the years, but not a great deal of them and many of them the yotes did not kill themselves. Do think they might be a problem with poults though. Also, Was not a good spring last year for raising young ones with how wet it was, at least here in PA. Saw many Hens with small numbers of poults and Hens with tiny poults that were obviously hatched much later after losing her first attempts. Lots of other reasons out there besides (or in addition to) the yotes! Juniorpc
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