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Dave Smith Decoys

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Default Dave Smith Decoys

Dave Smith Decoys are indestructible! On my latest hunt with a young man I coaxed 2 Longbeards in gun range who preceded to attack my DSD Jake!
I had coached thus young man how take a double and we both shot a Tom as each where trashing my Jake. With both birds down however the young man's Tom was not quite done in. The Toms head was right in back of my DSD Jake's tail. I knew another shot was needed rather than risk trying pin his head down. He looked like he was about to run at any second. So I unloaded my 3 inch 20 gage #5 winchester turkey load on his head knowing I was going to blow apart my Dave Smith Decoy. I'd much rather sacrifice my decoy and not let a wounded bird get away. The decoy took a direct hit at 12 yards!!! And to my amazement no ripped rubber. No open holes, no paint knocked off. It is hard to tell the decoy even took a shotgun blast other than its a new baby rattle if you shake it. A good ounce of copper plated shot rolling around inside that jake decoy. I'm impressed. My 7th year using these. My only touch up has been a soapy bath and some gloss nail polish to the eyes! Well worth the money hands down.

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That is very impressive!
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I remember when Dave Smith was first carving his models for the new decoy line and posting for advise on a taxidermy site I go to. I thought man when those come out I'm getting one. I have had one since then and it still is just like new and it has been all over ( 13 states and 1 province ) in the spring for many years taking a beating ! I got the jake after the upright hen and it has been shot several times by excited hunters and like you say now has a rattle but still going strong . I just wish he would stop coming out with new versions and sending me emails when they are about to be released lol
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Default Timbr I hear you.

I went to the DSD web and am awaiting the newest addition to my flock even tho all my seasons are over!
I thoroughly enjoy using the DSD decoys and I try different decoy variety layouts to entice the turkey.
Most work, some do not.
I enjoy seeing the decoys getting the snot knocked out of them.
Little decoy maintenance and tips.
I do use gloss black nail polish to shine the eyes up. Keep em glossy! Keeps em real looking.
I do bath my decoys with a soft brush, warm water, nand Dawn dish soap.
Don't ever push the decoy stake in the ground by pushing on the decoy. Its best to insert the stake and give the decoy a spin. That way I can get the decoy facing in the direction I want.
I use a nylon 4 slot goose bag to carry my flock.
Tom's like to approach the Jake decoy from behind and not beak to beak.
If a Tom stops short from coming in it is because of the Jake decoy. Note that and leave him in the bag next time.

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They are awesome for sure. I did have one get dive bombed by a Golden Eagle this season and put a hole in the top of it as well as bend the stake.
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