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Season Goals?

Old 02-02-2018, 01:22 AM
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Default Season Goals?

Last year was my first real season of turkey hunting and calling them for myself.

I was lucky enough to take a jake in Ohio with a 12 gauge, and a really nice long beard in PA with a 10 gauge.

This season I want to continue learning and hope to get one with a 16 gauge. If I get one with the 16 I'll grab the 20 and try for that.

What's your goal for this season??

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Goals are great, congrat's on last years success.
I got my PA long beard with a late 1800's double barrel 16 gauge hammer gun (black powder shells, not muzzleloader). It was cool. Bird came by me early but didn't like the set up and went up around me. I had almost given up, then a few hours later he returned. Came in behind me to within 5 yd's of my tree. He turned heading west, when I thought he was clear I jumped and spun, he was 25 yd's away just on the away side of a downed log. His head came up at the noise I created, he was looking south and I let him have it. As the smoke cleared he was mine. Can't wait to use that gun again this Spring.
Almost as exciting as shooting that turkey was the whole gun set-up and testing experience. I bought the gun at an auction. My smith and I cleaned and checked it out but he said he wouldn't recommend shooting it (his professional opinion, didn't want to assume responsibility if barrel blew up in my face) even though it looked as though it had been recently fired "damascus steel". After some convincing he said NO regular shells not even low brass. We did some online research and found an old guy who makes black powder hand loads ( I believe we bought 2 boxes at $20 each (25 shells per box). After receiving the shells we test fired the gun (each barrel, one full and one modified) several times. Tied gun to an old tire with barrels tied off to cinder block weights to keep gun from jumping. Used string tied to trigger as we pulled from behind the shed, talk about excitement. What a blast!
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I hope to finish my grand slam this year. Looking for my first Merriam.
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To call one in with one of the slate calls I finished last month.
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same as since 1978
1) find live turkey gobbler
2) make him dead!
3) lather, rinse, repeat
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Hard to argue with RR's goals. Basically the same for me, just haven't been at it for as long. My goal: kill a wild turkey...preferably a few of them!
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course the youth hunts I'll be out there assisting the youngsters, would rather see them kill them, If I never get another, I've had my share.
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Last turkey season was my best ever with 5 birds taking a nap. 2 with archery and 1 on video. I really go into the season with the main goal of just getting to hear them gobble in the mornings but getting one for the smoker or fryer would be extra nice lol.
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Actually have my son get one on the ground - and stay there. He rolled a beautiful tom last year with his 20ga, but misjudged the distance and when we crested the slight rise to find his bird - all we took home were a few feathers and missed opportunity.

It's stuck in his craw all year, and if he doesn't give a bird a dirt nap this year I'm afraid I'll lose him as a hunting partner. Of course, it also didn't help that I took his mother hunting (the first time she's ever gone hunting) the last 4 days of the season, and lo-and-behold she bagged a jake the very last morning of the MI season...

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Default just a legal bird

After getting skunked last year, my goal is to simply get a legal bird this year. I plan to hunt in WV, MD, DE, and PA.
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