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Which choke?

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Default Which choke?

Looking to get a new choke for my Moss.835.Got a good deal on some Win. longbeard no. #4s. What chokes would work for #4 shot???
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Every shotgun is different and will pattern differently with
each type of ammo you try. Best solution is to try several
chokes until you find the one your gun "likes" best. Good-
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Which chokes do you have already? The best method to really know what is best, is to pattern your shotgun with different ammo and chokes at the ranges you think you will be shooting. For turkey basically pick the combo with the most consistent and condensed shot pattern to give you more effective range. If you are not going to try all that plus we cannot guess what will work best in your firearm, I recommend trying anything labeled turkey shot and an Xtra full choke.
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Those responses are correct I suppose but I could not afford to buy a bunch of chokes that cost between 50-100 dollars a piece so I bought a choke that others seem to have had good luck with, a few different turkey loads. Found the one that patterned the best and determined my effective range and went hunting. I shoot a totally different gun than the O.P. so can not suggest a choke or load but this how I determined what to shoot and has worked out pretty well.
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If you have a buddy that has a choke that will fit your gun that is your best bet to trying different chokes. Myself I shoot a Jellyhead attached to a Benelli SBEII.

I also shoot either the Win. Extended Range, Hevi-Shot Magnum Blend, or Nitro H518. The Nitro's are my favorite but at $10 each can get pricey. They still shot some of the best patterns out of my gun. The new XR from Winchester loaded in #6 shot a very good pattern as well.

I think your best bet for the money is the Primos Jellyhead .690. Unless things have changed I think you can get one for about $50. If you want to spend some money get an Indian Creek. I've also heard some good stuff about a new company called Wildside Armory.

Be aware. These choke and shell combos are best at 30-40 yards. When you get inside that range you are basically shooting something the size of a baseball (10 yd) or softball (20yds) at something the size of your fist.

If you are set on 4's (I prefer 5's or a Hevi-shot 6 or 7) you might want to op for just a plain 'ole extra full turkey choke from Mossberg. The larger the shot the less constriction you want.

In the end I say go with a Jellyhead. Mossberg's are overbored so I would avoid anything that constricts too much. Pattern it at 20 and 30 yards. Using #4's gives you good knock down but limits range.
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