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Gobbling after 9am

Old 03-11-2013, 04:22 PM
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If I know that bird is not coming in to me say 15 min. I'll go after him but I'll go back say 50 yards and go around him stopping often to look. I'll try to get close to the location he called if he's moved I'll call from that spot.
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I wait at least a minimum of 30 minutes. If he won't gobble again on his own, I will call one more time. If still he doesn't answer then I will get up and move maybe 75 to 100 yards towards him. And try to shock gobble him. If he won't answer then I'll sit for another 1/2 hour and maybe call once or twice. Hopefully he won't be able to stand it and come looking for love.
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Originally Posted by 14 ga View Post
bottom line is that there is no way to know.
this is what makes turkey huntin
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RPD what wma are you hunting? We may be close
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Call in an F-22 and level the area...

No more offensive gobbling, I can go back to my nap.
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Originally Posted by Woodsman88 View Post
RPD what wma are you hunting? We may be close
Sent you a pm.
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The same thing happend to me on the last day of the season a few years ago. I wish I would have been patient he gobbled once and was coming in slow and quiet. I bumped him and had that memory of him flying off instead of dead on the ground all off season
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I agree with most all the advice you have been given here. Long story short is that any gobble after 9 a.m. is something you want to be patient with. If he does not gobble for 15 or 20 minutes, you can bet he has what he wants within sight - a hen. You really need another gobble within 30 minutes or you just need to move on and try to start something else. If either space or birds are limited in your location, I recommend as many have that you wait it out. He will gobble again at some point and that's when you can make a decision to move closer or just keep walking down the road and get something else going.
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Agree with RidgeRunner.

So much of my answer depends on the terrain. If I can pinpoint where he is and have a good idea of where he is going, I will make a move. Or if I've above him, I'll wait him out. Below him, I will likely make a move. I have a hard time calling gobblers down.
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One thing to add. My experience here in Alabama is that 9-10 am is the "Magic Hour". It always seems that when I get on a bird at that time that he is going to be alone. My guess has always been that most of the hens have gone to nest by that time.

If a courtesy gobble is all I get and he doesn't want to answer another call I may not always wait long. There is another lonely bird just over the ridge.
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