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Blind vs the ground

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I hunt and film for turkey in the back country of Oregon for North American Hunting Competition. Weight is an issue but I always pack a blind if I can. Sometimes they will sound off too close and I hunt the ground. Any time they will give me time I always use a blind. I have found my kill ratio went up dramatically when I use my blind. If you would like to see me in action and the effectiveness of a blind go to www.northamericanhuntingcompetition.com and you can see my blinds in action. Good luck and good hunting.
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I like to stick to the ground. It makes you plenty more mobile and your field of view will be much greater. As long as you are camo'd up pretty good and conceal your movement when the turkeys are around you should have no problem sitting up against an ole oak, or whatever your area has. Good luck.
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The only time I'll use a blind is if it's raining. I prefer being out against a tree for vission and sound reasons,I feel all cooped up in a blind.
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We have used blinds alot!! Great for filming plus they are great for first time or youth hunters.we dont use them every time but they do come in handy when ya need one
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The new mirror type blinds really have my attention. I actually built one that is posted in the whitetail forum. It really looks awesome in the right places. You can buy or make one that is shorter which is designed for siting behind it on ground to be even more concealed. Best of both worlds in my opinion!
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It all comes down to what type of hunting you like to do. I personally favor a "run-n-gun" type of turkey hunting. This just consists of calling, waiting for responses and trying to cut the birds off. I usually stay put for about 30 minutes after calling. If I don't hear anything, I try a different spot. my other friends I hunt with prefer to just pick a spot they know birds frequent too and just wait it out. There is no right or wrong way to hunt. Since you have never hunted this spot before, I would suggest to leave the blind at camp and just get out in the woods. Make sure you're completely camoflauge. And if you find a great spot, bring the blind out with you the next morning, or make a natural blind with sticks and trees already in the woods. I hope this helps ya out. good luck man
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Default If I could

taking to the ground was always my first choice. Hunters, unfortunately, don't chose where the turkeys are. And the conditions might not be best for one over the other. Blinds are for maximum camo, but in downside, limit the hunter to fewer places.

Personally, I think there is a broad choice of hunting fewer places. Many a hunter stays in one place, because they really don't want to move often.

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I like to move until I get the turkeys busted in the fall. Once they are busted you could use a blind with success, but until I find and bust the flock I stay mobile. With the right camo you can call in turkeys after they are busted without having to use a blind also.
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Originally Posted by Arrowmaster View Post
Well the first thing Id do is scout the area. Id get the turkey patterns down. Ive done both and have been successful at both. I hunt in a blind anymore, but Im always mobile and have my vest with a seat to be able to go whenever I want. I say if ya know your area and the turkey patterns a blind is the way to go. Now if you run and gun the blind is not the way to go.
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id go out and sit with my back to the tree and call...and if you have no response then move to a different spot. or you can just scout out for them and stalk them.. and move into a spot where you know they will be moving too and set up and wait for the shot. thats my favorite type of hunting. is stalking..it takes skill and time and give you one hell of an adrenaline rush..at least it dose me anyways haha
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