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Default Snakes!

I'm new to turkey hunting and was wondering if it's worth buying snake protection (such as boots, chaps, etc...). I know the chances of getting bit are slim, but so is my cache of good luck these days. What do others think?
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Default RE: Snakes!

Depends on where you live. I live in So. Fla. but do "most" of my hunting in So. Ga. I wear em but when I hunt north of the Mason Dixon line I don't.

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Default RE: Snakes!

Exactly...I am in the Hoosier state and don't wear them. We do have some copperheads and rattlers, but not very many. If you are in a location that has snakes, then I'd consider them, but that is up to you. It would kind of be like not having a smoke detector at home...you can do it, but is it really the best idea?
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Default RE: Snakes!

i live in wisconsin andi never use them but when i go hunting in south dakota and wyoming i also wear them because i've run into some rattlers while hunting. it just depends on where you live and how many snakes you have
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Default RE: Snakes!

I live in Iowa and hunt several states each spring and wear my snake boots on everyone of the hunts no matter what state I'm in. They are just very comfortable to wear and give my lower legs support when hunting rough and uneven terrain. Buy a pair and wear them on every hunt , its worth it just knowing you have the protection from snakes and twist and sprangs.
Good Luck this spring.
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Default RE: Snakes!

how many hunters really see snakes while hunting? out west on a elk hunt I saw 1.

Keep your eyes open. Though I guess snake boots and a snake slayer pistol is rarely a bad idea...

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Default RE: Snakes!

ORIGINAL: salukipv1

how many hunters really see snakes while hunting? out west on a elk hunt I saw 1.

Keep your eyes open. Though I guess snake boots and a snake slayer pistol is rarely a bad idea...

How many really see snakes while hunting? Come on down south and then you can answer that question.If you hunt the bottoms down here, you are going to cross paths with water moccasins (cottonmouths).Timberrattlersand Copperheads are very common also. Dealing with snakes is a part of life down here. Yougive good advice about keeping your eyes open. Just be a little cautious. I get excited when I stumble on a rattler. They are mighty tasty.
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Default RE: Snakes!

I wear them when the weather is warm and the snakes are active. Had several encounters with rattlers, copperheads and cottonmouths.

The key is to get good ones. I currently own a pair of Redhead boots from BP Shops and they are OK. My next pair will be Danners.
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Default RE: Snakes!

I've read from several sources and backed it up with E.R. doctors that most (Very high percentage) snake-bit hunters get tagged on the hand or arm. Be careful when you sit down and look at the base of the tree real good first. I do, in fact, live and hunt in the deep south, in Mississippi. I see a few snakes every year, but, so far, I have not even been struck at while turkey hunting. I am a little more cautious as the weather warms up, though. Wear the boots if you want to -- never hurts to take precautions.
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Default RE: Snakes!

Yeah...here in East Tennessee where I hunt I run into a few rattle snakes...I never go to the woods without my snake boots...
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Quick Reply: Snakes!

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