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Time of day

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Default Time of day

What time of day have you had the most success slayin turkeys? Mid morning to noon has produced the most birds for me.I've killed birds off the roost, butabout 70% of my birds havedied around 10:30-11:30 AM. Don't give up on an early morning hang up. Go back to the truck, eat a can of beanie weenie and drink some water, then creep back into that same area and try to get on him again. You'll be surprised at how many birds will gobble even harder around this time, you just gotta hit that gobblin' peakjust right and it's almostthe most fun you can have with your clothes on, haha.
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Default RE: Time of day

after 9.....a few before then but usually it's mid morning...even got a couple after noon....
as long as I am out there, there's a chance
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Default RE: Time of day

Early morning. Mainly before9 a.m.
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Default RE: Time of day

9:00to noon for me. However, I've scored enough right away at dawnto not miss the opening act.
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Default RE: Time of day

Dawn until about 830 am..

last year me and my brother killed seperate birds on seperate days within 10 minutes of flydown..
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Default RE: Time of day

I've killed birds at first light and I've killed birds at 10 am and later. I've never killed a Tom by them coming into my setup that late however. I've just had to spot and stalk to get in position. If it is early in the morning then they have come into my setup.
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Default RE: Time of day

I've killed them all around the clock. The one I shot last year was at 530pm. I called in one for the girlfriend at 615am.... and one for my best friend at 10am.

My most productive time is typically between 9am and noon. But I agree that I wouldn't ever show up late..... because I have killed an awful lot of birds right off the tree.
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Default RE: Time of day

Dawn is my favorite time but late morning is when I've had my most success.

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Default RE: Time of day

I've harvested birds at all times of the day, but my most productive time has been from 6 to 10 AM. If it's a short walk back to the truck, I may go back and have asandwich, but most of the time, I take everything I need for the day and hunt all day.
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Default RE: Time of day

I've had about the same success anytime in the morning between first light and 11 AM. However, most days I can only get out for two or three hours early in the morning, so that is when I do most of my hunting. On the weekend I am able to stay out later. Nothing beats the break of dawn though, when you can see the turkeys outlined against the horizon, or hear them gobbling on a quiet morning.
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