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Default Decoys

Just wondering what kind of decoys you guys use.... and howmany decoysyou use (hens, jakes, toms)?

I use a primos B-mobile and She-mobile, but im thinking about buying another she-mobile

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Default RE: Decoys

If I use decoys I'll use B-mobile with a couple of flambeau hen decoys. I've only used B-mobile 2 seasons and have yet to shoota turkey over him, but I have not used him on every set either. Don't know why but I've never used a jake decoy. I've always had pretty decent luck with my flambeau hen decoys. I thought about turning B-mobile into Jake but don't really want to do that. I will probably upgrade my hen decoys to she-mobiles this season. Good luck this spring!!!
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Default RE: Decoys

none. It's fun to see em come to the decoys I guess for entertainment purposes and all that, but it's way more fun to call em in within 15 steps with no decoyand blow their head off. The main reason is thatI've never had a bird come to a decoy, but I've had more than a handful get spooked after spottin' one.Southern birds arethe smartest birds there are, and even Preston Pittman will tell you that. If your birds come to a decoy, thats awesome, go for it, but mine sure as hell don't.
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Default RE: Decoys

I use Pretty Boy and Pretty Girl, and once in awhile throw in a extra hen decoy.
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Default RE: Decoys

Most times I don't use a decoy, but if they aren't coming in to the calling, I'll put out a hen and jake decoy. I've had mixed results. I've had turkeys come running up to the decoys, and I've also had them hang up when they see the decoys. I use the decoys based on how the turkeys are responding. Last season I used the pretty boy with a hen decoy for a few days. All the toms I saw seemed to veer off around the decoys, and none came close enough for a shot. I didn't have enough time to experiment and see how well it worked, because the season only lasts five days, and I didn't want to take the chance of having the decoy screw up the rest of my season. I have heard that they work well though, which is why I am excited to give it another shot this season.
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Default RE: Decoys

primos just put out the jake mobile this year. thinking about trying him out.
but in my arsenal i have a b-mobile a half strut jake and 3 hens and gonna get a she-mobile this year. my hunting partner has a b-mobile and a jake and 5 hens. so if we need dekes we got em.
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Default RE: Decoys

I don't use dekes every time I hunt, but when I do, I use either one or two Feather Flex hens. I have had good results using dekes, but not every situation calls for them.
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Default RE: Decoys

I pretty much quit using decoys. I had only one time that they worked for me. But it seems as if EVERY time now the tom hangs up and waits for "her" to come to him. When I did use decoys, I used hens only. From my experience, the toms got a little leary of the jake(s) when I set them up.
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Default RE: Decoys

I have used decoys off-and-on for several years, usually hens and a jake with
so-so results. For the last 2 years i have borrowed a friends pretty boy and girl
a couple times. These times were the only times i have had big toms come running
in to decoys. The first time 2 years ago 2 biggins came running in but i spooked
them moving my gun. Last year 2 struters came struting in right up to it actually kind
of fighting amongst themselves on who was going to get to stomp him. The more
aggresive one wasn't the biggest but i took him anyway. I'm buying my own this year.
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Default RE: Decoys

My dad got me into spring turkey hunting about 3 yrs ago. I'm pretty young in the sport. We usually hunt together, to me its just more fun hunting with my pops as he is getting older & has some health issues. We have been using 2 hens & a jake since I began going with him. We have had modest results...I say prolly 50/50. Some gobblers will come in with them in place, some either hang up in their "strut-zone" & wait for the hens to comeor jus dont even pay much attention to them at all.
I got him the Pretty boy & Pretty girl set for Christmas from Cabela's this year. Can't wait to try it out & see how it goes! I'm sure we will throw in the other 2 hen decoys as well, which also came from cabela's. I'll revisit this thread later when Spring season comes around, maybe I'll have some new info to share lol!
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