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turkey roadside... ethics

Old 04-16-2008, 01:22 AM
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Default turkey roadside... ethics

i was drivin home today and say a GREAT gob struttin right by the road. i could have jumped out of my car and strangled him if i wanted... i didnt have my shotty in the car but if i did, im not sure if i would have pumped him one or kept on goin since it wasnt hunting and he was probably the dumbest turkey ive ever seen in my life. if you were in my position with the loaded 12 ga in your car, what would you have done
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

What is a shotty?

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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

ive been in that position 1000000 times...all too common to see them in the fields...

what do i do??

i shoot them...or try to shoot them...all of them..

with my camera.

theres a lot more to turkey huntin than pulling a trigger. nothin like workin a bird into your setup...
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

Shotty is southern talk for Shotgun....
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

This a stupid thread. Not only is this illegal everywhere but its also not turkey hunting, in any sense.
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

So, you want to know who would break the law, poach a turkey, practice poor ethics, and use bad judgement?
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

No I would not have shot........... because they will burn your ass for that. Ethical or not that is a serious fine and they may revoke your hunting liscense, and take the turkey away.
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

The only way and I mean THE ONLY WAY, that I will ever go after a turkey that I see next to a road is the following:

1) He is on my lease or property
2) I am hunting
3) My truck did not spook him

Then I will drive up around a curve or hill, walk into the woods, try to get in front of him and call him in.

But if you are asking if I see a gobbler on the side of the road, in any field or woods, will I stick my gun out the window and shoot him??? HELL NO! [:@]
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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

ORIGINAL: wis_bow_huntr

Shotty is southern talk for Shotgun....
been "SHOUTERN" for 62 years and never heard that expresion.

as for shooting side of the road from a truck.

"It is ilegal,in my state"[&:]
"It is danger;you never know if someone is behind a bush"[:@]
"That is not hunting ; It is poaching"[:@][:@][:@][:@]

that very thing happened to my boss's son and a friend , just a week or two ago.they were working a bird in a pasture next to a dirt graded road.an "IDIOT" stop and fired two rounds,one at there decoy, one at the gobbler.he flew off. they hollered and they trunk left WFO.


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Default RE: turkey roadside... ethics

Same thing I already did, pull the truck off the road and watch the show. We did this once and it allowed me, my wife and my son to see it in all it's glory in real life rather than on tv. It's a beautiful sight in real life....one that I haven't gotten to see yet because the turkeys I've killed just walked in without strutting and once they were close enough they were down. If I never have one strut in front of my blind I'll be happy anyway, I'm not taking the chance at losing one just to watch a show.
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Quick Reply: turkey roadside... ethics

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