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Default Hunting=Competition?

I just wanted to write in response to some of the things that I have heard on this site and rant a little! I mean not to offend anyone so I will start by saying "Sorry" now!
I know I am still fairly new to this site, but I have been hunting for most of my life and have taken many fine animals. Yet as I was reading a response in an previous post from (name omitted out of respect), I started to think "WHY?"
Why is it some people believe they have to degrade a fellow hunter on the basis that because said hunter is older or have more years of experience, that they must be better? And how do you gauge (other than in your own mind) that you ARE better? Or that because you choose to hunt public land over private land, you must be better? Don't get me wrong... I know I am not the world's greatest hunter, yet that doesn't seem to bother me a bit! I still somehow seem to take enough animals to keep my freezer full all year and still have enough to give to family, friends, and Hunters for the Hungry!
I thought the most important issue was how much pleasure I (and I alone) received by being out there doing what I love! I guess that is why that first jake I took that weighed 15 pounds with the 4 inch beard and only a bump for spurs was as special as the 22 pound tom with the 10 3/4 inch beard and 1 5/8 inch spurs! And I guess that is why the first deer I ever shot was a doe and is just as special as any buck I have ever taken! And I won't even go into all the hog, squirrel, rabbit, dove, duck, fox, coyote, ...etc.
And as far as the decision between public or private, I hunt both! I hunt private not because I own it, but due to the fact that I work hard at to gain access to such land by talking to landowners and helping them whenever I can! And I still hunt public land too! And have taken lots of animals on both!
And as far as competition goes, I'm all for it as long as you remember it has its place! I mean I also enter the different contests yet I do that for the enjoyment of sharing the stories and rewards of my hunts and of the others around me! If I ever started to use hunting and the animals I took as a way to elevate my status, then I think it would be time to QUIT!!!
Why would a person make negative comments about advise that someone asks for? I mean I know that all advise is not equal and that some is definitely better than others. But I thought the idea was to give as much help as possible to those that ask for it! I mean maybe that little bit of (in your opinion) useless information may ultimately help a person (who asked for help) to the take an animal! I know that I have learned a lot about hunting through trail and error, yet I have learned a good bit by being a student and reading! And by asking questions of other hunters! I seem to remember and old saying about " no question is a dumb question!" I guess I am saying if you don't have anything helpful to say than why open your mouth!!!
I guess what I am trying to say in all that is "Negativity Breeds Negativity!" And that maybe age has nothing to do with ability! And just because you didn't say it or that you don't do it that way, doesn't mean it doesn't have merit to someone! How about we just keep the negative opinions to ourselves and enjoy the HUNT!!!
By the way, I guess that is why my most enjoyable hunting experience of my life had nothing to do with scores, advise, or even a kill for that matter! It was this past deer season,when my 5 year old son sat in between my legs on a platform stand in the middle of a soybean field for 2 and a half hours straight and didn't move or fidget! And as the sun went down he spotted a group of does enter the field to feed; and very quietly and calmly whispered to me what he had spotted! He then slowly raised his binoculars to identify to me exactly what type of deer they were! And without hesitation he whispered that they were "all does and no bucks, so we couldn't shoot because it wasn't a doe day!" And what I feel was most impressive about this encounter was that the stand we were in had no bling material of any kind around it at that time and the deer were only 100 yards away on a very calm day!!!!
Thanks for the listening!!!
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Default RE: Hunting=Competition?

Ahmen Brother!

My motto is to post here to help others and if they don't like what I posted - well that is thier right. The trouble with this type of format people can and do put on a costume....but from me...if ya meet me face to face....nuthin will have changed.....I am what I am....

And I have been thinking of posting the 5 stages we as hunters go through.........but it will come in time.

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Default RE: Hunting=Competition?


Everything you said is right on the money. It seems that there are people out there that are always negative on everything. If they can't say anything to help or useful than don't respond[:@].
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Default RE: Hunting=Competition?

Rockby, I will agree with that
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Default RE: Hunting=Competition?

Thanks for the replies... sometimes you just have to get things off your chest! I really hope I did not offend anyone!
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Default RE: Hunting=Competition?

I've been on this forum maybe all of five minutes and believe I know what this thread is referring to.

All I can say is hunting is not a competition sport. However, the nature of man makes it competitive. Isn't this why there are scoring systems, people telling the tall tales of hunting expeditions, comparing lengths of beards and so on? Of course it isn't about these things but we all know there are always going to be people in the world who will try to "one up" you on everything.

I would say you have the right attitude and enjoy it for what it is. Don't worry about something someone said unless it is sound wisdom.

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Default RE: Hunting=Competition?

Some sights if you don't use this or that product they wouldn't respond.
I look at it like this I have not turkey hunted in 12yrs this will be my first spring hunt with a few yr break. Like most have a family and hunting buget is hurt the most but with the good lord willing and using past experience and some of your alls help some taken with a grain of salt I will tag one this spring.
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