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Best Turkey Gun

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Default Best Turkey Gun

What is the best turkey gun on the market today?
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

Any gun that willperformin a variety of weather conditions, is repeatable and reliable, and the hunter has confidence in.

Now, with those parameters there must be 100s of shotguns that fit the bill. You are going to get a wide variety of responses because the term "best" is too subjective when it comes to turkey guns. It reminds me of the age-old arguments over which pickup truck is "best".

For me, my "Best" is an older 870 Express with a plain-old Remington extra-full choke.It has taken more than my share of birds over the years. I may change my mind this year though, as I have recently aquired a Mossberg 835 UltiMag. It may become my "best" turkey gun, I just haven't shot it enough to know. I can think of several other models that could be considered "best", depeding on the owners point of view (Browning, Benelli,T/C Encore, Winchester, etc).
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun


What is the best turkey gun on the market today?
Like mouthcaller already mentioned, there are quite a few guns that can fit that billing, it's what you personally like best that counts.
Do you want a pump or semi-auto? Each group has it's favorites.
I'm a Winchester guy, so the 1300 pump,andtheX2 semi-auto are my first choices, but that's just me. What you like may be different.

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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

I agree with the rest....the best..there isn't one...I've also chosen to use the Mossberg 835 with Madd Maxx choke and Wincherster 2oz #5's, Bushnell turkey scope...it has been an incredible combination for me...the best....I don't think so but it's a darn good one.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

This is like asking who's the prettiest girl in America. You will never get everyone to agree on one certain gun and you are going to get a lot of different opinions.

I love my Browning BPS. It patterns very well and has put some gobblers on the dirt. I use it for everything including duck hunting here in the SC swamps. So far, its been the most dependable gun that I've had other than my Remington 700, .270win. I am a lefty so I love the safety being on the top and ejecting from the bottom. Its simple and easty to keep clean and take apart.

The Mossberg 835 is also a great out of the box turkey gun.The safety is also on top. These guns are constantly some of the best patterning guns at about every range.

I bought a NEF 10ga. a few months ago that I will be using this Spring. I really wish I would have bought one of these guns before I did. It fits my body VERY well and is extremely balanced. The recoil is NOTHING like people says it is. From what I have been reading and looking up, the 10ga. has less recoil pounds than a 12ga. 3.5''.

So, you see, I can't even tell you which is best that I own. I have a few more shotguns in my safe and I could go on and on about them also.

Just go and shoulder some guns and see which fits your body the best. With todays chokes and loads, you can pretty much find a great combo to fit any gun.

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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

I will be using my trusty old Mossberg 500. One of the best guns Ive ever owned.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...so which ever gun you beholdin will work just fine as long as you like it and work up some good turkey loads.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun


What is the best turkey gun on the market today?
Its the gun that takes the turkey down effectively. Sure, everyone is going to tell you this one is better than that, but it really comes down to budget, kind of ammo, add-ons, and how good of a shot are you. For me, personally, I like Mossberg, but I am not going to tell you to go buy one, or a Remington, Beretta, and so on. Just make sure you buy a gun that you can have the option on choke and ammo sizes, like a Ulti-Mag or the like, to where you have more options to choose from.
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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

Have to go with PA Bowyer, 835 and I have an Undertaker choke. Am looking at maybe a Briley choke for the tighter constriction. Shoot the Federal Flite Control, #5s. Pretty good combo for me.

But like some others have said, there are so many. I would go to a Bass Pro or Cabelas and look at all the guns available. Hold them and see what they feel like. Look at their looks and weight and other things like price, then decide!

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Default RE: Best Turkey Gun

i have about five different guns i use during turkey season,depends on the terrain,or how far i'm willing to go to locate a bird.but at forty yards or less, they'll all get the job done,good luck and hunt safe
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