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I put my trail cam back out

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I put my trail cam back out

Old 02-21-2020, 08:50 AM
Nontypical Buck
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4600 was split between 3 cams LOL
but how many pic's a card will hold has to do with many things, not just size of card, also depends on resolution of each pic's
higher the resolution,(MP) the less a card will hold in pictures!(or video too)
my 4-mp cam's will hold a few thousand pic's on a 4g card!
my older 2mp cams will hold over 4000 pic's ona 2g card

get into the higher 16mp cams and such and they don't hold as many pic's on smaller cards , higher quality takes up more space I gather,
but IMO< 99% of my pic's on 4-6 MP cam's are good enough for me and clear enough to not need the higher MP's

I think they sell higher MP cam's just to try and make folks into thinking them need the latest and greatest cam's and yo keep people buying things!

NOT that there bad bu any means, just saying, Most cams if lower resolution work darn good for the average guy! and cost a lot Less to buy and up keep, can us , , smaller SD cards and less battery drain per pic!
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Old 02-22-2020, 01:57 AM
Boone & Crockett
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Yeah, I can understand what you are saying. I have an older cam that sounds almost like a loud cap gun going off when it flashed to take a picture. I never really cared for that one so much. Not because of the picture quality but because of the noise that it made. To me photos are photos and you can see what they are just the same. I did purchase mine on sale so I have never paid the original asking price for them. I recently bought a spy point to set up this summer. I am not sure how itís going to work but wanted to know when I have cows out back in my garden. Itís supposed to send pictures to my cellphone.? That feature will come in handy for that purpose..
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Old 02-22-2020, 09:06 AM
Nontypical Buck
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over the past 20+ yrs of using trail cam's I have had a lot of makes and models , some quieter than others, some worked a lot better than others too or just lasted longer
price tag alone never meant better over the yrs, I have seen all ends of$$$ break and fail
for me anymore, I want cam's with good trigger speeds and good battery life, I can live with some noise, as honestly my critters up here don;t seem to care , if anything, it makes them curious and I get more pic;s of them inspecting what made the sounds, and get close ups of them LOL
I am in a very high bear area as well, and , if I do my part(keep hands scent free as possible ) when checking cam's I never have any issue's
yrs back I had a few cams eaten and figured out they were more interested in smelling what was on my hands , than the cam making sounds, and from about May till Dec, I tend to get bears on cam daily! many times 20-40 pic's a day, bears seem to love my place, with all my variety of food plots, fruit tree's, grapes and assorted other things they seem to enjoy! and quite honestly, I think they feel pretty safe here, I find them sleeping in my yard rather often
and every single spring/early summer, I witness at least 3 different bears mating here

I do get a lot of bear scratching on some of my tree's where males seem to try and mark the place as there's
but so many bears in this area, few seem to honor the markings, when the girls are here! LOL
now as for trail cam's that send pic's to your email or phones?
I'm going to say I don't have a ton of experience with the new one's
but many yrs back I had the first series of them cams, I still have a molturie set up, it was designed to send pic' s to email, and it did so, but it was terrible, it would suck down a set of batteries in about 12 pictures sent, even with a solar panel set up on it, a remote battery,set up and solar would last me about 50 pic's and dead battery's again!
it was just terrible and pic quality wasn't good either, I then went to a Buckeye cam(or maybe before I forget)
that worked a TON better, but very costly , I had 2, then one got stolen, and then a third, and that one got shot by some Jacka$$ trespassing!

the costs of them for me with such high trespassing issue's just couldn;t justify using them

I am now using a lot of the cheaper cam's and having very good luck with some of the Wildgame Innovations Cloak models of I think all 4 or 6 MP(might have one that is 8mp)
but been getting them for like 42 bucks with batteries and a SD card
for me a super deal if you do the math on battery's and sd card

and so far every one has been working 356/24/7 for the past 2-3 yrs now, in my YARD< where no one steals em !
in dead of winter and heat of summer, and I will honestly say I average about 200-400 pic's a week off every cam, some a LOT more than others, and I get about 6+ months out of battery's on these models so far!

but most of these cheap like cams, for me last about 3 yrs then fail after that, maybe one or two that made it to a 5 yr mark,, but costs is worth it IMO

I will actually say I have been very impressed with them, as to higher end cam's I have that don;t last any longer, or get me any more pic;s!

My main problem is, that come 3 yrs down the road, the models I have are NO longer made and cannot just replace them

this is where this game gets tricky, as you never know HOW well a CHEAP cam will work or last, and by the time you do, there no longer made to get more if you like em! HAHA

all in all of these cloaks I think I have like 6 of them now, had I known they would work and last like they have been, I'd of bought 10 more!

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Old 02-28-2020, 01:48 AM
Boone & Crockett
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I had an early Wildgame Innovations camera and I choose to call that my hit or miss camera..It took pictures but never very consistantly.. I could see where the deer walked all around it and if I was lucky I would get a picture or to from it.. It was an early version that never cost very much at all. Then I had a stealth Prowler and that actually worked great for me.. Then it was attacked by a one eyed sow and she broke the snaps that held the door closed. But it still works great though but the moisture gets in it from those broken latches.. Now I am using the Stealth Trailhawks that I am quite happy with.. My new Spypoint I can't say anything about that one yet except it's supposed to send pictures to my phone.. That's about all I can say until I actuelly use it..

I went and checked my cards this morning after we had an ice storm last night. I had to laugh at these pictures.. You just never know what you are going to get when you check them.. In this set I am posting is two of last springs fawns, It looks to me like one is going to be a spike this fall.. lol I hope that you enjoy them..
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Old 03-27-2020, 03:26 AM
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That's too funny. I guess three's a party, not a crowd.
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