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Default Game Cameras...

After reading the Best Trail Camera Thread I can only wonder how many different brands and Models those that Posted has Used?
I have had 8 different High End Moultries M-1100i, M-990i and M-880i and All have Failked with in the first 6 Months! Similar with Covert had 3 1 Black 60 and 2 Red 40 all had issues the 60 blurry day and night images and missed a lot and False Triggers and why I no longer have any. As for Stealth have had several that are good cams especially for video till Jan 2017 Their G42NG had Flickering, sent them in got 2 more the same they okay pic cams but not Video cams. I have also had a Uway extremely grainy night time images pic and video. Again a High end Game Camera. I also have had Browning Dark Ops and Spec Ops hands down the 2016 Spec Ops is a good cam especially for Video.

I have had more than 20 different cams plus all the replacements of another 14 most 9 Moultrie, 1 Covert and 3 Stealth. I gave up sending cams back being bad out of the box makes it sad especially for cams that are priced over 200.00 and when you get a replacement they have a new issue like total whiteouts at transition times which is an important time to see what wildlife is traveling by. It seems that Users have had limited experience using cams and also the fact that No 2 Users have the same set up and know what cams are to function like missing animals or dark images or flash burn and again once you have seen this one wonders what is a "Good" Cam! So I can only wonder when All Moultrie and Covert does is send out a New Replacement doubt they will ever test returns to Fix them they just change things like Stealth and Moultrie making a change and the newer version has issues again out of the Box. And some wonder why they make any changes to what was a Decent Game Camera.
Once you have used several you will see a difference but that is $ trying something and as mentioned it is "Hit & Miss"... So I can only see that some go with the Known Names that are readily sold. I was looking for a good Black Flash and some suggested the Black 60 so I got one and was disappointed and one of the guys that suggest it when asked about "false triggers" said he just lives with it! That told me that is why some have little knowledge as to what a Good Camera really is. Sad but again if we all used the same settings and in the same environment then we might have similar results but we never will!
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lol dude ,calm
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I some what agree with you
IMO most all game camera's are like pick of the litter
some times you get a GREAT one, some times its a basket case of issues
and cams that are sold in more places will always sell more of them due to many folks are impulse buyers, and in today's world of simple minded people being SO impressionable by marketing
marketing and fancy stickers will sell countless amounts of JUNK FAST
I have never had any luck with moultrie camera's at all, and I have owned well over 50 + cameras of all brands over the yrs , with my first cams being 35 mm film from the 90's
I been playing with game cams a LONG time
there solar power panels have been GREAT however LOL
I have been using lately a bunch of the cheapest cams I can find, TACSO"S at wally world for 25 bucks, and honestly, they been worth ALL of the 25 bucks and then some
thousands of pic's off batterys, FAST wake up time, and SO SO pic's, seldom if ever a pic of NOTHING

but I am not the type of person to NEED to have the most popular brand of anything
I just like things that work and last and get the job done!
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I have a few Moultrie 888i, and I love them, when I see them at a good price I will buy them. Pictures day/night as well as battery life are excellent
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Just picked up a 888i on ebay using a promo code, free shipping, $69.00
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I haven't tried the Moultrie's yet, but I have several Stealthcam G42NG's that I've used for several seasons. Last year, we added 2 more of them, just because they have worked so well for me. Overall, photo quality is really good, reset speed is fast, and video quality is exceptional. The biggest thing that I was wanting is a fast reset on the shutter, as the areas that I'm photographing are usually denser, so you can only get a few photos before the game is out of sight. I am really intrigued by some of the other newer options on the market, but in the meantime, I'm going to keep running these as long as I can.
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Sun is causing false triggers (UV). How you prevent that?
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Originally Posted by MyName View Post
Sun is causing false triggers (UV). How you prevent that?
as far as I know the sun will not cause a PIR to trigger, however the warming ground in front of a camera may. there is no solution for that.
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Got a great raccoon shot, missed the other visitor. 200.00 a pop is no joke.
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I love the molutrie M50i
Pricey but worth it.

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