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Coyote or wolf?

Old 10-12-2012, 04:55 AM
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Our DNR likes to call every animal we aren't supposed to have here a coyote also. That would be a huge coyote. There are coyote/wolf hybrids though.

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you all do not understand. you do not want them to admitt there are wolves or cougars in your areas. if they did. then they would have to be protected. then if that happened it would give the anti's a foot in for law suits and you may very well end up not allowed to hunt/trap in those areas.
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i dunno..i say wolf too, as bad as i wanted to say yote at first, watching it in the video 12 times, looks like a wolf.
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I'd say coyote based on the small feet.
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Originally Posted by T9e_n_SC View Post
Our DNR likes to call every animal we aren't supposed to have here a coyote also. That would be a huge coyote. There are coyote/wolf hybrids though.
Yes we have had those hybrids here for a long time now. They are a real pain for our deer herd and in some cases they have taken young moose down in the snow as well. Also welcome to the forums..

I can't say for sure, but that'd be a huge coyote. Would you be able to put some table scraps out and try to get better proof?
I would not mind trying it but not before our rifle season on deer is over with. The ridge this showed up on is where a big buck scrapes during the rut up here. I have been trying to get just to see this buck all of last hunting season. He will come up on the ridge to meet the ladys and then right back down into the swamp. Most of the way he is running down into the swamp for what looks like no real reason to. But if I see that thing around when setting in my tree stand I might be able to let you know what it was.. Big feet = wolf or a coyote that run into some brush pile, small feet = coyote.. The place is all moss so I can not see anytracks other than where the deer have been running.

Thanks everyone!! I have been leaning towards the wolf thing as well. But, the good part is we do not have them..
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