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First 100 yard Flintlock report

Old 06-23-2017, 04:58 PM
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Default First 100 yard Flintlock report

Well now, that was fun! I got all dressed up in my gear as its how I will be hunting, with the exception of blaze orange thrown in to be legal... Even though bowhunters run around with us without the orange on :roll:

Don't worry fellers, this was just a prop picture, I put on my shooting glasses before I primed and took a shot.

I am shooting my Traditions .50cal 1:48 twist, Mountain Rifle with a French Amber flint wrapped in leather, 70gr Goex 3fg, .020" Bridgers Best patches lubed in Frontier's Anti-Rust and Patch Lube, home cast .490" round balls.

No swabbing was done during the shoot.

The 3 shots are the first 3 shots of the evening. After that, I didn't bother taking pictures as I was playing with pan charges, figuring out if there was another sweet spot or if I had found it already. She loves a heavy dose my 4fg Goex priming powder! 2 1/2 - 3 compression's worth.

Dead center, but quite a bit low. I'll make adjustments later on as I plan to change out the rear sight down the road for a semi buckhorn sight.

Notice my short starter? I picked that up at Rendezvous and during the Mountain Man Survival trail, that's where it was at all times. Tucked in snug between my belt buckle loop so it was easy to get to, yet secure.

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For 100 yards, open sights off a bench that is some fine shooting!
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I'll give 80gr 3fg a try tomorrow and see if that brings up my POI.
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Default Wow

100 yards ,wow you got great eyes that's super shooting
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Not so much the eyes, but the target and sight picture. I ordered a couple CVA Bobcat rear sights that will allow the rear sight to be moved forward aprox 1 1/2" - 2" inches which will make things even better for my eyes.

Taking this flinter up to new mexico for a little more shooting while I help my brother in law dial in his Strikerfire. I will give him crap about how much more accurate mine is, despite the lack of plastic and scope
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That's some great shooting.
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