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Default The PERFECT bow

How many of you have found the perfect bow? I think I found MY perfect bow finally. After trying alot of bows both recurve longbow and yeh even compounds I finally bought a black widow. I found it to be a great experience. With the bows being biult on a cnc machine you can count on each one being just as nice as the other. I bought a used SA III not to terribly long ago and have since ordered and recieved a new PSA III that I liked so much that I ordered another PSA X in osage. If there is a bow that suits ME better out there I haven't shot it yet. So what bow does it for YOU
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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

OMG ! I was thinking Adcock, Morrison, Shrew .... but a Black Widow ! Troy, you're going to take some abuse being a Widow lover now, you know that, right ?

Actually, I made a guy an offer on a PSAX bocote the other day. I didn't need it, it was really too heavy for me ..... but they ARE great bows and the price would have been right.

Me ? I've shot a lot of bows and the old style Adcock 3 piece TD longbows are IT. I even traded off a 1 piece ACS a few weeks back so as to get another 3 piece TD that OL built in 2000. I suspect the new 3 piece ACS TD's that Morrison and Adcock are building are even sweeter ... uh, just can't afford $1200 for one right now (might as well go for the fixings too if you're going to spend $1000, right ??)
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Default RE: The PERFECT bow


My perfect bow is the Trails End Recurve.
I love mine so well, I have another on order.
Just fits my hand better than most.
Congratulations on the Widow; they are better than ever!
The Micarta layers are a big improvement to the stability and strength of the bow, imo.
I would love to have an Osage Black Widow

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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

Well, My favorite bow is my Bill Price Longbow, sweet shooting. I have ordered a takedown from Lofton since I travel hunting quite a bit. So we will see.
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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

Troy, Troy, Troy...I tried to warn you. Now look, ya' done gone & got spiderbit but BAD!! But no biggie tho, sounds like you done fessed up that there ain't no cure.[]

Hey, that offer to try your PSA out at KK still good? When should your osage be ready? As good a bow as 'Ole #1' is, I still can't shake these visions of a bocote SAX dancing around in my head! Gonna have to fix that itch 'fore too much longer...

Congrats on picking the best as your #1.[>:][]
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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

A month or so ago, I saw an ad where a fella was looking for a short, lower weight Bill Stewart T/D recurve. He was willing to pay top dollar if the bow was in excellent condition. My Stewart was in excellent condition AND I had 2 sets of limbs for it. I sent him and e-mail and offered him a price and include a link to some pics of the bow. He bought it.

While I was waiting for the money order to arrive, I saw a Dale Stahl T/D recurve offered at a great price, by far the lowest I have ever seen for a Stahl bow. Whats more, the ad included a pic of the bow and it appeared to be in excellent condition. So I bought it. And I had a good bit of money left over from the Stewart bow!

It is THE bow for me. It is the smoothest drawing, sweetest shooting, and is consistently the most accurate bow I have ever shot. It is not the fastest bow I've ever shot, but it's no slouch either.

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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

Vic you are welcome to wear that bow out while I am there just remember who she is going home with I don't think the osage will be done by then. They are quoting 11 weeks right now. Income tax time plus that damn new longbow got me back on the list lol. But on the plus side my income tax will be here in a few weeks and then I have to break my fingers before i order another one [:'(]
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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

I shot an MA-II Widow a long time ago and I knew from the first arrow it was my perfect bow. Only problem was, the bow wasn't mine and I never got the money and the want-to together at the same time to get my own.
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Default RE: The PERFECT bow

The current "perfect bow" at this time is a 60" Dale Stahl T/D,58#@28".A beautiful Bacote riser with osage flares and natural bamboo limbs.This bow shoots!!!Now in a few months when my Blacktail Elite VL comes,it might be a differant story.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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