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Default Fletchings...?

I was wondering what the difference is between left wing feathers as opposed to right wing feathers. What does this affect in regard to the flight of the arrow? How important is this? Would it differ from a right handedto a left handedshooter? Also, being a lefty, would I want a right helical or a left helical fletch? Just a few questions as I am just getting into traditional. Thanks for the help.
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

Apart from the obvious, you can't fletch left wing feathers, right-helical and vice versa. I'm a lefty and I shoot right-helical... mainly because I have a right helical fletcher. There was a theory that thefletching should spin the arrow away from the bow. Therefore If you are right handed, you needed to shoot left-helical, etc. Frankly, at least for a recurve,I don't think it makes a difference.
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

I had a buddy once think he was going to shoot left helical since he was left handed. All he accomplished was haveing to constantly screw his heads back in. To me, it dont matter which way the arrow spins, the spin is all you want. I might be wrong, but that is how I see it.
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

Thanks for the help guys, I guess I will just go with a right helical fletch to make sure. I've got to have some heavier arrows made up and start really practicing with broadheads.
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

I'm RH and shoot mostly LW helical

Why ?

Cheaper. Fewer people shoot LW and I can get my feathers cheaper
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

I think it has to do more with shooting off your knuckle (no shelf or rest)as to the direction of the helical (so you won't get cut).
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

In addition, the arrow does not begin spinning until well past the bow's riser.
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

Thanks for all the info!
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Default RE: Fletchings...?

I've fletched arrows with both right wing and left wing, shot them out of the same bow, and they will group right with each other. In my opinion, they shoot about the same. It is personal preference, and availability.

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Default RE: Fletchings...?

Am Right handed and I shhot left wing helical better, but I do have some right wings which shoot just as well.
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