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Newbie needs a bow.

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Default Newbie needs a bow.

I've been shooting and hunting with compounds for about 15 years now. I think I want to get me a recurve. But I know very little about them.
What's a good brand? What are some features to look for, or avoid? What arrows should I get? What kind of fletchings? Should the arrows measure like they do on a compound? Depends on draw length?What about finger protection?What would I expect to pay for a GOOD bow. I don't want to start out with a beginers. Not sure I need a custom built one either. I'd use it for hunting primarily, but target and 3-D shoot also.
I'll need at least 50# to be legal.
I know this is a lot, but if I can get something from ya'll, it would be much appreciated.
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Default RE: Newbie needs a bow.

I haven't been shooting long maybe six months. I just broke myrecurve today, the bottom limb split straight across at the riser. So I'm looking now too. longer the bow the more forgiving. I payed $150 for the one I just broke found it on ebay but I'd be cautious about buying from ebay, but I got lucky on a pair of Bear recurves. on the lowside $200 up to $600 for something I'd feel comfortable with. I'm debating going to a longbow. I'm looking at the Bear montana longbow or martin x200 recurve.
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Default RE: Newbie needs a bow.

What is your draw length with a compound? What State do you live in that requires a 50# minimum draw?
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Default RE: Newbie needs a bow.

I shortened my draw length this year to 28". I live in Wyoming. I haven't read the regs, but I know 50# is minimum for compounds. We got a lot of big animals here. Need all the weapon you can handle! (lol)
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Default RE: Newbie needs a bow.

Well if your draw is 28" with a compound, then I'd say you will probably be around 26.5-27 inches with the recurve. You probably could get away with a "normal" recurve bow made for a 28" draw. Or you could get one custom made for you.

Problem is that if you go custom, you will usually have to wait at least 6 months or so. If you want to go that route, talk with Chad (LBR) here or visit

Another option would be to look for a used custom bow with a 27" draw. It shouldn't be too hard to find. If you can, go to a few shoots and check various classified sites.

Also keep in mind though that a 28" bow should also work for you. But a 27" would be made to have the limbs loaded at your particular draw. Byron Ferguson suggest FWIW to go custom if your draw is below the intended draw of the bow.

Its hard to say with traditional equipment what is "good". What is good for one person does not mean it is good for another. Dollar value does not always correlate with what is good for a particularindividual. SO I won't be able to give you a dollar value as you asked.

Also,since your state requires 50#'s for big game, I would go with that amount, but nothingmore. And if you get a bow that shoots 50# at 28", your pull would be around 47# at your draw length. I'm not sure if a warden would slit hairs with something like that (he would have to measure your draw and the bow at your draw to see what the actual #'s would be).
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Default RE: Newbie needs a bow.

You won't always have to wait--sometimes there's a few extras lying around.

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Default RE: Newbie needs a bow.

I was about to start a thread on the same topic when I saw you already brought it up. I saw Tred Barta with his longbow and homemade arrows and I thought I might give "old school" archery a try.
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