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Up and down shooting cycles

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Up and down shooting cycles

Old 05-26-2006, 08:48 AM
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Default Up and down shooting cycles

Is this pretty common among you guys. Shootin last night at my 3d deerfrom 5 yards approx to I would say 30, I don't know just guessing. And man, I was deadly, well for me, I would hit the back sometimes, hit low under lungs sometimes, but mostly in the kill zone. But I would shoot an arrow at one distance and move around my yard, never shooting the same distance twice. Just randomly all over the place. I was even surprising myself. Then all the sudden after 2 quivers full of that, it went down hill. I mean real downhill. Over the back, under the belly. So walked up close and recalibrated a few things, and back to it.

This is very common for me. What about you experienced veterans. Just my lack of experience? And mental block?
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Default RE: Up and down shooting cycles

After two quivers full, I'd probably have a pretty unstable bow arm depending on how long I took inbetween shots.

But yes, a lot of times good shooting will cycle.Generally the bad cycles will get shorter and shorter though. Until they are one or two day affairs. trust me though, there are days when I can't hit the broadside side of a barn from inside the barn.
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Old 05-26-2006, 09:14 AM
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Default RE: Up and down shooting cycles

One thing I have learned is compounds have small mental aspect. Its definately there. After that, alot of it is phsical. But traditional is 3 or 4 times mental. Thats assuming you can pull the back back good. I would have never guessed it was so mental.
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Default RE: Up and down shooting cycles

If I'm shooting really well, it never fails that I will suddently shoot 5-10 really bad arrows...... Once I finally catch myself, I almost always find it was a lack of concentration....

For instance, I was shooting a tournament a few weeks back and I was really shooting well......I had about 12 perfect shots in a row... Then, over the next 5 or6 shots, I was inconsistent.... I finally made myself stop and evaluate what had just happened......I noticed while I was looking at a spot to hit, I wasn't really picking a spot!! There is a difference!! I corrected that problem and went on to shoot a good score...

Focus and concentration are so vitally important..... I find that I have to focus on the target AND focus on getting off a good shot.... May be my lack of experience, but if I don't conscienceously think about feeling the back tension, I will lose it right at the shot.....I also conscienseously think about relaxing the back of the hand to trigger the release.... If not, I will pluck it..... I'm sure these things will come natural after years of doing it, but right now, I like to conscienceously keep them in my mind so that one day, it will become subconscience....
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Old 05-26-2006, 10:22 AM
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Default RE: Up and down shooting cycles

I was trying this breathing control, bryon fergonson was talking about, and actually when the stars line up, it works. But concentrating on that, and relaxing back of my hand, usually I won't focus on the target.
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