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What Are Your Plans?

Old 04-08-2006, 11:49 PM
Boone & Crockett
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Default What Are Your Plans?

Anybody got any good trips planned? I'm still hoping to go to Oz for water buffalo, if I live long enough to get the coin together. I had planned on going within a couple of years, but that was before I screwed up my ankle and lost my job--may take a bit longer now.[:@]

I do have a couple more hunts planned that are a bit more within reach (and a lot more affordable). Gonna go back to GA for hogs as soon as possible, but that will probably be next February. Also got an invitation to a spot that seems too good to be true, and for sure too good to turn down. If anything goes according to plan, I'll be in OR in the fall of '07. Wanted to do it this fall, but my gracious host won't have the vacation time needed this year. Primary quarry, elk--Roosevelt and Rocky Mountain. Other possibilities in this area are blacktail deer, black bear, cougar, and (believe it or not) WILD FERAL BISON!!!!!!

Ok, the chances of seeing one (a bison) are slim, but there is a chance. A fellow that has a bison farm up there has some escapees that cannot be caught. Both he and the Oregon DNR want them disposed of. There's only 4 or so of them (unless they have raised),but there is at least one bull in the group. No tag required either!!! Bad part is these devils have been chased all over creation in an attempt to get them back in the fence, so they are real spooky. Fortunately, they have been staying in one general area--I'm gonna' cross my fingers.

Also, if things go according to plan, I will be staying about 50 miles from some dear friends that I haven't seen in waaaayyyyyy too long--Paula and Cecil Driskel, aka Ma and Pa Cedar, former owner/operators of Rogue River Archery. I'll definately visit them while there.

To say I am pumped is the understatement of the year! Dunno how I'm going to survive the next 17 months--arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!![:@][:@][:@][:@]

Somebody console me with a good huntin' story.....please?

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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Sounds like fun Chad!!

I'm going to the Black Hills this fall for whitetail/mule deer bow hunt with some friends...

Other than that, it will just be hunting around here.....

I'm researching a trip to Alaska.. It's still a few years down the road, but I'm trying to put some pieces together.... I'd like to do a Caribou and Moose combo...
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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Congrats LBR, you're gonna have a fun season! Sorry to hear about Oz, I'm dying to go too...

I have my first bowhunt for turkeys coming up this weekend, I am so pumped. Then, hopefully, back to Georgia in October for deer and hogs. What Im really working on is a bear hunt this summer in Quebec...Then hopefully a few whitetails along the way...

I cant imagine the wait for you...the next six months for meseem unbearable...
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Old 04-09-2006, 10:43 AM
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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Well, been there/done that once before on a moose hunt in Northern Ontario--we planned that one a good bit ahead of time too. Prepare all you can, and sit and wait for something to go wrong--especially when it's getting down to the wire. Finally, you are on the plane and it's too good to be true! I don't think the wait is going to be one bit easier this time........

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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

LBR, sound like fun.

I dont have much planed, Turks open next monday and trout season right afterthat so I have lots to do and I dont have to go far, wish I could ride the bike with gas prices.

This August we are heading to AK for a fishing trip (sorry not hunting) with a freind of mine wholived nextdoor to me at the old apartment. Sould be fun.

He is also talking about getting a sheep hunt together, it wouldnt be this year, but he says soon. I dont know anything about them, season, tags, where they live....... so he will be incharge of that.

It is nice to know someone up there, he has a car for us to use, a house to stay in and I bet before yah know it he will know a piolet who will fly us around for next to nothing . He is one of those guys who just makes freinds in good places.

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Old 04-09-2006, 04:12 PM
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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Well, I don't ever plan hunts. Whitetails and waterfowl are all I really do. I might go on a black bear hunt in the next year or two but I'm not sure yet. I do know that I'm going up to Boundary Waters in Minnesota on a fishing/camping/canoeing/hiking trip.
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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

2 weeks Belize just me and the wife (no hunting )

Last week of Colorado elk season (September) me and another going 10 days for elk deep in the wilderness with llamas.

First week of October hunting with my Dad over persimmons on our place for whitetails.

2nd week of November Kansas whitetails assuming I get a tag.

Whenever else I can hunt - right now I have deer eating my blackberries, blueberries, and grapes that I just planted [:@]

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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Sound like a lot of fun Chad. My friend found us a place in Florida to hunt hogs. Some year, I'll have to try that. Never hunted them before.

This year, I'm planning on just whitetails here in NY.

2007 I have a Whitetail Hunt Booked in Buffalo County Wisconsin.

We're probably looking for a NewFoundland Moose trip sometime in 2009-10 area. Every three years or so we go on a trip. We went in 2004 for Elk in Colorado. Neither of us got anything, but I cam close a few times. No shots though.

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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Trying to find the best place to get a trophy black bear. Looking towards Canada, Van Couver Island..........dunno. Long term.........before I die type stuff........ATLEAST 1 trip to Russia for Brown bear and a trip to Africa for something......probably not one of the deadly five.......can't affoard that, as I see it now........but maybe gemsbok or that of the sorts. UGH........makes me wanna go NOW!
Ultimate I would love to achieve.......the Grand Slam of all type species of bear. Man, what a challenge and expense, i know!

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Boone & Crockett
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Default RE: What Are Your Plans?

Vancouver Island is, as I understand it, THE spot for huge black bear. I have a good friend who has property and family on the Island, and he said that if the bear isn't at least 300# they won't even bother with it. The relatively short, mild winters there mean the bears hibernate very little if any--so they keep eating and keep growing. I hope to do a hunt there myself one day, if the Canadian gov't will just pass a law that will allow non-residents to hunt without a guide. Moose are responsible for many, many more injuries and deaths than bears in Canada, and moose can be hunted without a guide in some places. Just doesn't make any sense--but when does any gov't make sense?

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