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taper tools

Old 01-24-2006, 11:39 AM
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Default taper tools

Hey guys I was wondering if you have any thoughts on differant taper tools. As far as quality, price and whatever you might think of. Thanks!!!

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Default RE: taper tools

Here is one I made with a refurbished disc sander and a little scrap wood, got about $65 in it and that was for the sander...

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Default RE: taper tools

I use a Woodchuck. Not cheap, but worth it to me. Tried a Tru-Center and dang near needed anger management classes to get over it. Think I still have a few pieces of it around here somewhere. Haven't tried the little pencil trimmer types (the cheapest) since they came back on the market--didn't much care for them several years ago, but would use those again before I'd drive myself nuts with another Tru-Center.

The Tru-Center will work, I think, if you have the intelligence and patience to get the blade set correctly. If you are that good with tools, you could probably just as easily rig up a jig and sander to work like a Woodchuck. My I.Q. drops to negative 16 when I try to do something like that--found out that, for me, it's muchmore economicalto just buy the good stuff vs. trying to make a cheaper one work or try to build my own. The cost of just one visit to the emergency room will cover a lot of equipment.

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Default RE: taper tools

I have never been satisfied with the three rivers tool, it won't cut a shaving, and one of the things I make for a living are hand planes, so if anyone ought to be able to get them to work it would be me. It drives me nuts they don't work.

The little ones that look like a double pencil sharpener work really well they should give problems with alignment, but I haven't seen it.
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Default RE: taper tools

I've got the 3 Rivers model and haven't had any problems..... I learned real quick though that putting the shaft in a hand held drill and then doing the tapering was the only way to go... Can do a dozen in 10 minutes now instead of 2 days as before......
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Default RE: taper tools

I had a Woodchuck tool--real nice tool but I sold it and now I use my Horizon taper tool.Cuts great tapers.
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