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Default recurve out of a treestand

Was just browsing some posts on traditional area and this thought came to mind (I am new to traditional and plan on getting a recurve within the next month to start out and give it a try)...the question was this, due to the fact that it seems that most shots at deer with traditional archery is at most 20 yards ( i am assuming recurve and longbow are about the same max distance - don't really know) is your aiming style different out of a treestandwhen a deer is real close 10-15 yards from the tree...i know witha compound that can be a pretty steep angle just wondering how it would translate woth a recurve
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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

Pratice, bend at the waist. It's not to different, I aim right where I want the arrow to hit. The hard part is drawing when they're in the shooting lane.If they are close you may have to lower your aiming point.
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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

I have never shot a deer with a recurve out of a tree but I have practiced with one quit a bit. It is suprisingly easy, when I am sitting down on the stand I fell vary stable. I dont realy aim so I didnt change anything, just looked at a spot and let it go. I have only shot out of it once or twice with my long bow, the ladder has been on the job for a while, and it wasent as easy as with the recurve.

No deer yet
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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

If you bend at the waist, there should be no adjustment necessary. I shoot right at them. The biggest factor is picking a spot. There is a temptation to shoot at the deer,(How can I possibly miss?), at close range. Make sure you pick your aiming spot. With sights, you are not aiming the arrow, you are aiming the sights where you expect the arrow to go. Since the arrow is a few inches below the sights, you have to adjust at close range. When you are aiming the arrow, it's going to go where you aim it.
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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

Just remember to keep your shoulders parallel with the arrow, and arms and everything else will work it's way out. It will force you to bend at the waist and maybe drop a knee a bit without even thinking about it.
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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

I have a habit of dropping my bow hand when shooting at steep angles, but other than that it's not much differenence.
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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

Practice from the stand at the same heights you plan to hunt from. The higher you go, the more deceiving it can be. You have to keep in mind that regardless how far you are up the tree, the deer is the same distance from the base of your tree. For instance, if you are 25' up it's going to seem like a further shot than if you are 12' up. Get used to the rail (if you have one), and practice with a safety belt on. To me, the straight down shots are easier with a trad bow. Where I used to work, several of us would get together after our shift was over (at 7am) and go to my house to shoot bows. I had a treestand set up in the back yard, and could wear them out on those straight down shots (they shot compounds).

As with any bow, "aim" for the off-side and take the shot angle into consideration.

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Default RE: recurve out of a treestand

I shoot high out of a treestand at deer. Aim for the heart.
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Default RE: recurve out of a tree stand

I've never had any problems shooting out of a tree stand.

I just super-concentrate on the 'spot' I pick and just shoot. My arrow seems to go where I concentrate on the spot. The hardest thing I have experienced is learning to draw at the right time so your motion isn't seen. I now wait for the deer to look away, put its head down, start eating, etc then draw slowly.

Instinctive = Experience. Just do all kinds of shooting for practice - 3D targets, tennis balls thrown all around in open fields with Judo points or roving and shooting at leaves, stumps, etc. in the woods also with Judo points. You'll get amazingly good shooting that way in a short period of time.
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